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Posted in Pyjamas and other Bedtime Stuff on 2004-12-14 06:11:28

I get so cold, I always try to cover every bit of skin except my face when I'm sleeping. I wear a long nightgown, with long sleeves. And I also wear sweat pants and socks. Your poll made me realize how convenient it would be just to get some footed pj's!

Posted in What YOU think on 2004-12-08 02:39:07

While Modern Satanists do not tend to believe in Satan, some Satanists do indeed believe in Satan.

Posted in What Kind Of Bible? on 2004-12-08 02:26:45

The Revised Standard is the best translation in my opinion, as well as in many scholars' opinions. However, it is best to read the Bible in its original language, or if that is not possible, with an interlinear version, which has the Hebrew and Greek meanings right there.

Posted in Mennonites! on 2004-12-08 02:24:02

I'd like to know the right answer to some of those questions!