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Posted in Ladies racial preferences on 2005-11-12 20:54:12

I didn't take it as offensive. I didn't think for one second that is was offensive. You need to think!

Posted in Straight men, your views on gay rights on 2004-12-28 04:03:30

gay marraige should and will be supported one of these days and you all should look at the rates of gay teen suicide... Over 60 percent of teen suicides are gay teens. ya'll should think deeply about the issues gay people go through each and every day, they have to go through it on the steerts, on tv, on the internet like for example this poll, on the radio, from their own family and they or should I say WE because I'm female and bisexual and I would MARRY A WOMAN ANY DAY OF THE WEEK .....WE as in all us gay people even the gay people you know have to go through with all the hateful people like you every single $%!@ING DAY and dont just think this is the only poll getting my opinion becuase I'm gonna stop by all the polls i can find on this site who are being hateful towrads gay people .

thank you and I appricate ya'll reading what the $%!@ it is I have to say.

and if you have something to say about it heres my email address


you cant tell if that guy is gay or not you dont know untill you ask him, like for insants, my friend Emanual acts like he is so gay its not funny but one day I asked him if he was gay and he said no, I thought he was cute so I asked him out on a really real date, and till this day we are still going out, it looks weird when we walk down the hall in school kissing eachother, but its ok.

Posted in Breast Size (Straight Guys Only) on 2004-12-28 03:44:15

why only straight girls on this topic? bisexual and lesbian girls have boobs too.

or do you people think not or do you people have something against gay people?

Posted in The gayest name on 2004-12-28 02:24:28

no.. hey this is really really wrong there is no gay name or even a gayest name that is really really wrong. It is wrong but, please please please, use the word STUPID next time PLEASE I would greatly apprciate it thank you!