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Posted in 2006 Music Showdown on 2006-11-08 02:33:47

man all of them are not good song why dont you put some good songs in like we will rock you or minority or we are the champions man you got the worst taste of music

Posted in HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ABDUCTED ? on 2006-10-28 19:19:24

there not real i got perfect explainations for them you see when people see ufo those flying saucers those are real but the person who is driving them is YOUR MOM she took some coke and then went crazy then she drove the saucer everwhere and the abductions where again YOUR MOM you see when ur mom likes to see kids
she abducts them and make them naked and look at them looks like ur moms a phycopath and for the sighting where the actual alien comes out of the spaceship and thats also YOUR MOM she got so crazy that she pourd uranium all over her self and that causes the green glow then she dress like a alien and again pours uranium all over ty for reading this

Posted in Which is the Best Grade? on 2006-10-28 18:46:03

it was so hard going from grade 9 to 10 because way more homework and if you dont have crdits ur kicked out

Posted in how do girls react to being hit in the groin? on 2006-02-11 00:59:04

that is true you know and also girls can get hurt down there becase i think they do have a bone done there some were im not a girl but i know theres a bone some were so it does hurt

Posted in are YOU circumcised? -males only on 2006-02-07 02:10:29

im uncut canadian so thats good and i like it that way