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Posted in Personal webcam nudity on 2005-01-30 19:01:23

I think it should be much more common! I write about this type of thing on my site at http://www.isgodtrue.com

Posted in Assurance of Salvation on 2005-01-30 18:43:13

I had to abandone the "religions" to find that truth but in the book of John, in every translation of the bible I have read, Christ is the assured way into eternal life!

You don't have to believe the preachers! Do your own study for truth and you will find it. I did and now write about it at http://www.isgodtrue.com

Posted in How did you come to accept Jesus? on 2005-01-30 18:38:25

When life was real bad for me I started an independent study and search for the truth of God. I found the religions to be full of $%!@ and lies but there IS truth! It can be found if you study and now I write about it at http://www.isgodtrue.com

Posted in Religion a crock? on 2005-01-30 18:34:14

Most of the modern religions we know today are not anywhere near what they started out as. In the Christian faiths, the modern religions have taken the original hebrew and greek texts of the bible and mis-translated, mis-used, and mis-quoted them to try and legitimize points that were never a part of the message of Christ. That is why I left them to find my own way! I have a website dedicated to the truth of Christ at http://www.isgodtrue.com

Posted in Catholics: Tradition or assumptions on 2005-01-30 18:30:01

The Catholic church is the largest organized denomination of christian faiths. The began twisting the words of the apostles very early on and then began making up some "traditions" that they called God Inspired. They are just one reason I found my own way to Christ through the truth!

I write about it at http://www.isgodtrue.com