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Posted in White Population Decline on 2006-01-02 07:32:43

"IF BIRTHRATES DON'T RISE, they will be less than 3% of the world population in 2100 and who knows after that."

And who cares after that? I for one can tell you that I don't give a damned what things will be like in 2100. I most likely won't exactly be around to worry about it.

"...God does love us, but he knows that WE HUMANS, created in HIS own image, WE SENT OURSELVES TO HELL."

And He cannot prevent us from doing so? Then it means we have power over a situation and He doesn't. So much for His being omnipotent.

Posted in Dating NonChristians on 2005-12-13 22:55:24


to which Poster #1 obviously subscribes, also used to teach that polygamy was good until the Federal Government stepped in in the 1880s and said that it was not acceptable. Even THEY make concessions where necessary.

Who you marry ought to be up to the individual. I'm certainly glad that we don't live in a nation where marriage to a person of one's faith is mandated. It would be similar to Nazi Germany's Nuremberg Laws.

"...a baby has not sinned yet, unless he/she gets to a certain age that goes past innocence."

This is not Scriptural. The Bible says that "ALL have sinned" and fallen short of the glory of God. All means All. Not all except babies or persons below a certain age.

In case you're wondering, I myself left Christianity years ago. To me it is mythological nonsense and a colossal waste of time and effort.

Is entirely fraudulent. It is a hoax and the Journalistic perpetrator confessed to it. Continuing to use it as "proof" that Hell exists and is in the Earth does serious damage to any credibility the site's authors were hoping for. That alone is enough, in my opinion, to ignore it. Of course, I suppose the whole site COULD be a fraud on the order of www.landoverbaptist.org.