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Posted in order of the star wars movies on 2007-11-26 02:01:14

Right, that's what I'm getting at. When a franchise becomes as big as Star Wars (which is rare), people will inevitably form opinions like these. I find the fascist elements difficult to believe as well, for the same reason as you.

Posted in order of the star wars movies on 2007-11-18 13:11:10

Well, when it's worded that way, a drawn-out and rousing debate seems inevitable. However, I think people who accept it this way are looking too far into the themes.. or maybe they are looking FOR a particular theme. There are a lot of movie fans (and there are people like this for books, music, even video games and children's TV shows) who are deliberately looking for some sort of negative meaning. The way I look at it, themes like this can be seen in any movie, or any fictitious work for that matter, if they are specifically searched for. Take "Pirates of the Caribbean" for instance.. here we have a trilogy of films depicting a real historical group- pirates- as heroic, colorful, fun characters that kids will get along with, and establishing the clean-cut governmental leaders as cold-blooded power-hungry monsters. Throw in flashy special effects, big action scenes, and witty humor to attract kids, and I could say that the entire series was written to teach children that crime and murder is good, just as easily as I could say that Star Wars promotes fascism.

Posted in order of the star wars movies on 2007-11-16 04:31:25

I don't understand how Lucas could be a fascist, the entire six films are about the rise of an evil, oppressive empire and the downfall of said empire by the rebels who believe in freedom and peace...

How does that promote fascism?

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