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well, who do you like?

Voting's over for this one. Check out round three.

I'm declaring this poll officially over, for anyone who cares, which, I know, is probably nobody.

If the results change after now and you're somehow affected that they are different in the next poll, sorry.

Posted in Best Guitarest Eva Round 1 on 2007-08-04 03:53:52

Yeah, and there is a hemisphere of difference between a guitarist and a bassist. Ever try to do chords on a bass? Sounds like crap. Ever try to do a bassline on a guitar? Doesn't sound very good. While they are both guitar instruments, the playing of each is a seperate art, and the term "guitarist" is generally used for someone who plays mainly the six-stringed, higher pitched one, not as a term for players of all types of guitars.

Sir, if you have a complaint about the bands listed for voting, perhaps you could have suggested a group or artist you would have rather seen included instead of just making up silly little insults.

If you have no better suggestions, shut your damn mouth.