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My dad usually spanked me in my room but there was a few times he got me with friends around, when I was around 9 my mom was calling me inside and wasn’t ready to go in I was playing outside with 5 of my friends, she called the second time and I said to my friends what does my old lady want, my friends saw my father I didn’t but he heard me he grabbed my ear and twisted it as he led me towards the front door he swatted my butt real hard and fast, now inside he took me into the bathroom where a little bit of soap on a wash cloth he told me to open my mouth, he twisted my ear a little bit more which made me open my mouth he put a little bit of the rag in my mouth then took it out I got a little bit of soap in my mouth it was horrible. Still holding my ear he took me into the kitchen where he made me apologize to my mom, he then took me into my room where he pulled my pants down took me over his knee and started spanking me with his belt, my bedroom window was open and my friends could hear me crying they also heard the belt landing on my naked butt. In the morning I couldn’t sit down too well as my butt had some welts from my fathers belt, I was still allowed to go outside and play with my friends later in the day. Another time when I was 12 me and my buddy were walking home from school as we reached my house I saw my father coming out of the house he had his belt over his shoulder, My friend Rich said your dad looks mad as I asked owards him Rich stopped by the hedges and heard my father start yelling and he watched as my father swung his belt across my butt he started yelling get up to your room and get ready for bed, I knew I was in for a spanking with his belt, as I ran upstairs into my room I changed my clothes and put on my pjs and waited for my father to come upstairs, my father walks into my room and sits down at my little desk I had, he calls me over to him and then stood there I still had no idea what I did that caused him to be so mad well it didn’t take long, I forgot that this day was the day he had to go up to the school and talk with the principal about my grades I was failing school and if I didn’t start studying more I could be left back ( this was 1957 they did leave kids back) with that he grabbed my arm and pulled me right across his knee like I was 5 years old, he pulled my pj pants down and started spanking me very hard with his hand when he was done he let me stand up, I was crying and rubbing my butt, my father told me that was because I had to take a day off from work ( he really couldn’t afford a day off without pay) he then told me now if you get left back this is what you’ll be getting he grabbed my arm again even though I was sti crying a little pulled me back over his knee but this time he pulled my briefs down took his belt and gave me one of the hardest spankings I ever got, whenewas finished he pushed me off his lap and walked out of my room, I grabbed my. briefs and pj bottom and slowly pulled them up over my very sore butt and laid down in my bed very careful still crying. It was very hard to sleep as every time I moved my butt hurt like hell. In the morning I woke up but couldn’t sit down my mom told me I had to go to school I told her I can’t sit down she old me you have to go your father told me to tell you, so I got dressed very carefully and slowly walked to school, my friend Rich ho sat right behind me wanted to know if my father spanked me last night I didn’t answer him yet as I slowly tried sitting on those hard wooden seats I heard him laugh a little and then said I’m guessing your dad tore into you butt last night. All through class I couldn’t sit to well but with lunch I was able to just go outside and stand, now my buddy Rich calls me over to where he was standing as I go over where he was him and 2 other friends were there they then grabbed me and pushed me down on the ground which hurt as I was on my back, as they held me down they started pulling my pants down they then turned me on my belly then they pulled my briefs down as I was trying to stop them, all e of them all said wow look at those welts, I was yelling at them to let me up but they held me own and then I never expected them to do this but each guy gave me 3 very hard smacks on my butt which caused me to cry out they then left me, I pulled up my cloths and leaned against the building crying my my butt felt like it was on fire but I made it through the rest of the day but did tell the 3 of them I will get you guys back. As far as my grades I did get left back and my father was true to his words and beat my butt worse than this one

Posted in How it was for boys punished by men before 1990 on 2017-11-17 02:03:20

I’m a little bit older born in 1945 schools back then could paddle boys if we needed it, we couldn’t wear jeans back then they were used for play after school you changed when you got home out of your school clothes, the pants we wore to school were very thin so if you were paddled you had very little protection. My first experience with a school spanking came in 1952 when I was in second grade, myself and another boy were messing around not paying attention in class our teacher warned us to behave or else needles to say we weren’t listening, the teacher told both of us to come up to the front of the class we both stood there not sure what was going to happen next we’ll im standing there the class was very quiet she called the other boy up first grabbed his arm and took him over her knee I’m standing there watching my friend over the teachers knee she then started spanking h8m fairly hard our pants are very thin so very little protection in no time at all he was crying I don’t know how many spanks she gave him but it was a lot, when she was finished she made him stand in the corner and then it was my turn she took me over her knee and started spanking me it wasn’t long only a few spanks and I was crying when she was finished it was my turn to stand in the corner both of us were crying and rubbing our butts. A short time later we were sent back to our desk it was a little uncomfortable to sit but we both learned a good lesson. At the end of school that day the teacher called us up to the front I’m thinking she’s going to spank us again but instead she handed both of us a envelope to be signed by our parents. When I got home I gave mom my letter as she opened it she told me to go to my room I’m thinking what’s in the letter, a short time later mom came into my room where she started yelling at me for not behaving in class and having the teacher give me a spanking, she grabbed my arm and again I went over another persons knee only this time mom pulled my pants and briefs down and spanked my butt with the back of her hair brush I just remember how much that hurt I know I was screaming when she finished she put me in bed and I was to stay there I was also to miss supper, in the morning I went into the kitchen for breakfast it hurt a little to sit there but mom promised I would get worse if this ever happened again, my friend who als was spanked when he got home said his dad took the belt to him we both behaved ourselves after that but it didn’t last long only hill 4th grade but that’s another story

Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2017-05-30 19:52:48

I really had no choice in getting help I'm glad I did but if I wasn't in the brig I probably would never have gotten help, what ever my father went through I'll never know as the South Pacific during WW-2 was very hard on soldiers he recieved a Purple Heart but never spoke of it, in Nam we went through a lot of $%!@ I was on nights my last six months over there in 1967 every night for the first 2-3 weeks I was a nervous wreck operating dozers 15-20 miles away from our main camp looking and wondering if a sniper was going to get us tonight 25 men operating at night trying to build a helicopter landing area the noise we made was very loud. I always thought if he would have talked about his experience I might have made better choices. i did fear my father, at times it seemed like he took his anger out on my butt, at 15 I did something stupid and knew I was in for it but a friend of mine talked me into staying with him over night thinking my father would cool down good idea but the fact that I never called my mom to let her know where I was wrong idea, next morning my parents showed up at my friends house and as soon as I got into the car I was smacked across the face, at home I was sent to my room where his belt did a number on my butt plus a few other shots for not coming home. I was not a big kid growing up at 17 I was 126 pounds skinny when I joined the service when I was discharged I was 160 pounds not a skinny kid anymore, I feared my father but at 23 I'm strong enough to stand up to him, when he died I was 56 a strange feeling came over me, my two sisters said the same thing even though he no longer could hurt us when I first left the service I still feared him but now at his funeral both my sisters and I felt relief as my father also hit my sisters with his belt only not as violently as me, I never heard my father hitting my sisters I didn't think he hit them, they did hear me getting hit they even saw me once over his knee when I was around 9 or 10 they told me my butt was very red they felt sorry for me.

Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2017-04-18 02:14:56

Hi Rick My relationship with my father was very rough, he was a hard working man who came home from serving in the Army from 1940-1945 he served most of his time in the Philippines and in the Pacific, he was very secretive about his time in the service, I served from 1962-1968 with 1967 in Vietnam, when I returned home I was a mess but I figured my father served and maybe just maybe we could have a talk on how he handled coming home, of course it was a lot different when he came home, he refused to talk never said anything, I myself was a little messed up got into a lot of trouble hit a Lt. took off stole his P/U truck and left, I was high on drugs and booze when I was caught I was placed in the brig where I was starting to come down from a high and sobering up I was handcuffed while eating in the chow hall sitting at the table with 9 other prisoners I was the only one in cuffs, a Marine guard was giving this young guy a hard time and I guess I lost it I picked up my tray and threw it at the guard, I was dragged out of the chow hall and placed in solitary confinement, to make a long story short four days later three guards beat me up knocked me out woke up in the hospital my left eye was shut my right eye was swollen aloe but I at least I could see a little I also had two cracked ribs. Eventually I was court martialed and was busted from E-5 to E-2 and sentenced to 10 years in Port Smith N.H. brig never made it to there but did put a total of 8 months in the brig when they finally discharged me, during brig time I was taken to see a shrink and we talked over and over about my life and my upbringing and of course my father who he said was abusive, I finally got out with a lot of regret but eventually straightening my life out. Yes back then I did reflect on my young life back then maybe I did deserve some of those beatings but they didn't have to be so severe, from my first ever spanking at 5 years old to my last at 16 I feared my father to the point where I didn't want to go home till my curfew

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Rick In 1957 when my father lost everything he became very bitter it seemed at times he took to the bottle a little to much and at times came home in a bad mood I actually hid under my bed when he came stumbling up the stairs and I hoped he went straight to bed one time he didn't came into my room and gave me a hard beating from that time on I hid until he went to bed. At 13 I came home one day he was waiting for me with his belt in his hand and told me to drop my pants I told him no way your not hitting me anymore with that I put my fist up he told me go ahead you swing first that was wrong I swung at him he moved a little I missed then he swung his belt at me as I turned to run the belt caught my right hip and snapped around and hit me in my groin which doubled me up he then grabbed me pulled my pants down and pushed me over the table and beat my butt with his belt, I had no relationship with him I feared him I felt very relaxed when I went into the service in 1962 at 17, when I got out of the service I had been in a lot of trouble served time in the brig and was discharged my father came up to bring me home on the way home he started yelling and telling me I was bad news and a lot of other $%!@ then he said I should take my belt off and beat the hell out of you with that I told him first off I'm not a little kid anymore I'm now 23 for one minute do you really think I would allow you to even try and hit me anymore I'm big enough now to stand up to you if you want pull the car over to the side and we can have it out now, with that we didn't say anything all the way home we stopped in front of the house I got out and he went home to his wife he divorced my mom right after I went into the service