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Posted in The Way We Do A Punishment Exercise on 2005-02-16 04:38:10

Actually, from personal experience, it should take about 7 to 8 hours to write the 1000 lines properly.

Posted in The Way We Do A Punishment Exercise on 2005-02-16 04:35:12

Lucy, I am a product of Catholic schools in the United States and I have had to do lines a few times, including the dreaded 1000 lines on at least one occasion and 500 lines on another occasion.

I hope that you have learned from this experience! First, I think you have to acknowledge that your dancing on the classroom desk was clearly way out of line. Given that you are 17 years of age and in secondary school, I probably would have given your a couple of days detention rather than have you write lines. But that would really be a personal preference on my part. I think that the deputy head teacher (DPT) at your school was within her rights to give you punish lines for your misconduct. It would appear that your school does give punish lines to those who violate school rules, and you were clearly in violation of school rules. Hence, you can't say that you had no idea that you not be punished in this manner. Moreover, if I did decide to assign punish lines, I think 500 lines was just about right for your infraction. Accordingly, I really can't find fautl with the DPH's actions, though I might have proceeded to punish you in a different manner.

The most important lesson that you should draw from this experince is to look at how your punishment increased from 500 lines to 1000 lines. Your comment to the DPH that no funiture had broken was silly and highly inappropriate. First, your actions miost certainly could have damaged the desk. Worse, you could have fallen off the desk and injured yourself or someone else. Hence, your comment tothe DPH has no more merit than a drunk dirver arguaing that he should not be punished beacuse he did not get into an accident. You can and should be punished not only for actions that resulted in bad consequences, but also for actions that reasobably could result in bad consequences.

Moreover, even if your point had merit, your action would still be unwise and inappropriate. As my dad taught me, there are times when one must keep one's mouth shut even if you are right on the underlying merits. And a situation in which a teacher or administrator is disciplining you for a clear violating school rules is certainly one of those times. To the DHT, your comments, made in front of your friend and the other girls was not only meritless, but disrepectful of her righful authority over the situation.

Accordingly, additional punishment was clearly warranted. In fact, if I had given you 500 sentences in the situation you described and you then made you comment I also would have doubled the number of lines. And if I had given you two days of detention, I would have increased the at that number of days of detention to to 4 or 5.

Indeed, the lesson about keeping your mouth shut is the the most valuable and enduring lesson that you should take from this experience. Not keeping you mouth shut when apprpiate can cost you a job, a customer other things more valuable than the extra few hours required to write the additional 500 lines.

Finally, you stated that the DHT was in a bad mood and that fact contibuted to the amount your punishment. You may well be correct on that score. However, that does not excuse your foolish comment upon receiving the 500 lines. Indeed, if you sensed the DHT was in a bad mood, making a comment like the one you made was about the worst thing that you could have done. If you truly believed that the punsihment she gave you was inappropriate, you should have acted in a very apologetic and contite maanner at the time she gave you the punishment. Later, after she had time to calm down, you could have gone to her office, acknowkledged your wrongdoing and politely and contritely asked her to reconsider her punishment and consider an alternative punishment. While she may not have relented, I doubt she would have given you additional lines.

Posted in lines as punishment on 2005-02-13 21:52:48

I agree with Old Geezer and strongly disagree with RiverGuy. Indeed, it is attitudes like Riverguy's that has destroyed school discipline. The same people who whine about written punishments are also opposed to corporal punishment, and many also gripe about detention. Without at least one of those forms of punishment available to teachers and administrators, it is very difficult to maintain school discipline. The result of all this breakdown in discipline is increasing rates of school violence including incidents with knives and guns as well as uneducated students and, high truancy and drop out rates. If the people who whine about excessive school discipline had meaningful solutions to the problems mentioned above I would take them more seriously.

Posted in Writing punishments on 2005-02-13 21:31:44

I agree with bassman. In my expereince 1000 word essays were usually the longest you would get. I had one teacher that miostly gave you 100 paragraphs to write. For more serious infractions she would gove out a 1000 word essay, and if she was really mad, she would give you 1000 lines to write.