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Posted in better bands on 2007-09-21 20:03:12

screw you old man, why you even on msiterpoll still? like i can see ppl under 80 on it at least gosh. get a life old man.

Posted in Who's HOT, and Who's NOT! on 2007-01-20 19:34:55

they should have had benjamin kowalewicz for an option. gosh ppl get some help

Posted in Pick between 2 bands on 2007-01-20 19:30:48

u are harshly mental if u think that 3 days grace is better then BILLY TALENT!!

Posted in better bands on 2007-01-20 19:19:28

billy talent is the bestesttest and no one can beat them! muahahah

Posted in hott guys #2 on 2006-11-25 19:26:40

this poll has lots of hott guys on it! chose ur fav!