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User: new rising sun


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Posted in current events on 2006-04-10 21:10:56

maybe you should pull your head out of the sand so you can see whats going on

Posted in The state of america on 2006-04-10 21:03:30

yes,the globalists are at the top of the pyramid

Posted in The state of america on 2005-07-15 05:40:08

really?I'm a zombie?you know nothing of me,and capitalism is just fine, its monopolies that are the problem

Posted in Are Vasectomies The Answer? on 2005-06-03 18:56:41

Anyone attempting to take a knife to my nuts will find themselves very dead

I say weed should not be legalized, It should be de-criminalized. If it were legalized then big biz would take over and control prices to benifit themselves, and the government would heavily tax it. If it were de-criminalized you wouldnt have to go to jail for having it or smoking it. You could grow your own for a very low cost or you could still buy it from other growers and it would decrease drug cartel violence.