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Posted in Gay Chicken on 2007-10-12 20:24:47

ok all u have the rules totally wrong. gay chicken is layed one of two ways either two guys stick out their tongues or puckers their lips and both lean in and who ever backs down first is the loser. or the 2 guys actually touch the lips or tongues and who ever ends the kisss first loses. me and a guy friend who play have an on going competition thats been going on sicne 8th grade (we r in 12th now) the all time series is 564-562-103 him (we play both of the ways)

Posted in Inuit Dating on 2007-02-15 23:38:45

me and my friends eskimo kiss if that counts

Posted in Peeing your pants at a sleep-over on 2007-02-15 22:03:14

me and my friend both wet the bed sleeping together

Posted in Boys sharing bed or bath with other boys on 2007-02-14 19:49:58

nah not really its either a double or a twin

Posted in Kissing on 2007-02-01 21:42:52

yea me and a bunch of guy friends kiss allt he time but thats it