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Posted in Does Santa and God believe mutually in each other? on 2005-10-18 18:39:19

santa is a Saint. Cant remeber which, but he is. SO, he has to of believed in God, if god or St. Unknown ever did exist/exisitng

Posted in Oops! I thought it was a fart! on 2005-10-18 18:11:00


LOL once, i was laughin (happened a few times!) at 1. School 2. A friends 3. At christmas whilst whatching my relatives do the carioke to the annoying song (u know the one)

I laughed SO hard i wet myself liek a hose. Went bright red! Was so embarrased! not that i'v learnt... better not go to school, go to a frie3nds or have xmas

Posted in Is there a god? on 2005-10-18 18:02:16

No god

there is no god- i think Dr. smart had sum very good ideas. ALSO i think there

Posted in Falling asleep while dressed up on 2005-10-17 16:48:02

10)lady who makes husband/children dress as girls, dont they think its a bit weird? isnt it a bit weird? not that i dont like transvestites..but the whole family? 20)i had a long day, up from 7;00 am till 10:00 am the next day, went upstairs, fell into bed and slept for 16 hrs. woke up and i was suprized i was in my normal clothes- i swore i got changed. felt all hot n sticky tho//LOL!!! i still wore the clothes all day tho :-) why bother chaning?

Posted in greatest on 2005-10-17 16:34:18

nirvana=grunge, not rock, dumbass