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Posted in The Impeachment of George Bush on 2006-03-10 04:52:29


Yes, but dont forget, he is making a huge problem with port security by making this alliance or trade with the UAE, United Arabs Emirate. They will beable to control the ports. Does this not frighten you that if this did occur, that is given more reason for an attack on the US by terrorists??? Imean, im not feeling very safe with Bush. So i say take him out, and let some better person fix what he has done wrong. I do say that his attack after the terrorist attack on 9/11 was clearly justified. However, what is going on now, even Congress, the House and Senate WILL DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO STOP BUSH'S BILL, and i think that even if it means by going all impeachment, let it be.

I accept reason and logic...u guys do not. Logically, without a God, there would be no universe, correct? Even if he did go to Hell (look in Matthew ch. 12, v.40) there would still esentially be a God, becuase, without God, there could be no universe/Heaven, therefore, evil could not exist, meaning that this earth could not exist, meaning that somehow, good has to combat evil (God vs. Devil). So, reasonably, to make it more sensible to u:

Without God, there would be no universe nor Heaven, and since Lucifer/Satan/the Devil fell from Heaven, which means that there could be no Evil. SInce God created man, man could have no universe/earth to live in, so we would not exist, nor would Hell or Heaven, cuz God would be non existent. Which finally means that nothing would exist? I already know that u aint gonna understand b/c none of u are opening ur eyes to the only truth: there is a God=Christianity is the only good religion

What sickens me, is how so many of these ppl are trying to ban the phrase Under God in the Pledge of Allgiance. Hell, i'll be damned if that happens. I will even say that phrase, and all u aetheists who dont like that phrase, well, kiss my $%!@, cuz i'm sayin it as many times as i can and how many times i wanna. Whats more, is how all u idiots are complaining at how this country sux. Well, if u hate it so much, then move to the Middle East, become a traitor, and then get the punishment of death for being a traitor. Oh yes, wake up, the punishment for treason has and always will be death. So if u say u hate this country, hate this flag of ours, hate the very God that did actually allow us to create this country, then u know what, u are a traitor...tell me what it is like seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel" from getting a bullet shot into u during ur "war against US", or getting toxic fluids pumped into u for committing treason. THanx for looking at this. And by the way, i think Bush is doing a good job. If u ever look at history, there has ALWAYS been a president who has done good or bad during his presidency (and the possible woman to come in the near future). So, my point is, get ur $%!@ out of the united states if u say u hate Bush or this country for whatever reason, thank you. Oh and for u aetheists, God loves you.

Posted in Favorite predator on 2005-11-07 03:44:10

Define marine crocodile for a start. Dont u think it is quite naive to call a crocodile a marine crocodile, since they basically live in rivers, the occasional swamp? imean, they are also, land reptiles, if u think about it. If ur talking about marine, then that would be more describing like a large sea turtle, b/c marine animals are sea animals, but crocodiles are not sea creatures.

Posted in RELIGION on 2005-11-07 03:35:39

What do u mean?