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User: andy barry


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Posted in guys 13-16 poll(only this group please!) on 2006-01-04 23:52:32

jokay, i'm not bothered or offended or anything, but you should probably have some other added questions for gays, like do you have a BOYFRIEND and who is the hottest MALE celebrety... mmhhmmm it would be a good idea mmhhhmm...

Posted in Perfect Boy on 2006-01-04 23:43:20

i guess i'm kinda biased about who i like cuzz the only guy i've ever been with had black hair and green eyes (kinda cool, huh?) and he was AWESOME!

Posted in flaunting homosexuality on 2005-11-01 04:10:09

please, don't freak out about it! not all gays are like that; only when we get really horny do we do stupid things. but hey, who doesn't? if you had a chance, you'd probably steal a girl's clothes to see her naked longer...

Posted in Attitudes towards pornography on 2005-10-24 00:22:43

i think in this case bisexual is gay, transexual would be whatever orientation you are in your CURRENT gender, and i dunno what the hell asexual is

Posted in Sex Smarts on 2005-10-21 02:10:26

omg i never really knew a lot about std's until health class. then, i had this horrible revelation that i have gonorrhea when we learned about it. i had almost EVERY symptom and i had started seeing them in the right time after unprotected sex (i know it was totally retarded that i didn't even ask...)