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Posted in Girls, does he deserve you? on 2006-03-09 13:05:50

However, what about if I have discovered that every guy who doesn't rank his job or career in the top 3 on his list I know for sure will turn out to be a loser. Knowing that guy is stable and doing everything he can to progress his career is very sex and a very desiring trait especially if you want to find a relationship that might turn into something a little more longterm (aka marriage). I want a man who takes control of his life and is not afraid to speak his mind around me (by the way, I already found that type of guy). Next, I want a guy who makes me feel like a woman and who puts me at the top of the remainder of his list.

I think the following is a better priority list for my man at least: his religion his career/job his girlfriend (that's me!) his financial management his other meaningless crap goes here and below

Posted in Fathers 4 Ever on 2006-03-09 12:56:49

What I got out of it was basically summarized and quoted in the first paragraph of the website (yes I thoroughly read the entire thing!)

The site implied to me that when a man screws up the marriage, "[Father's 4 Ever] is not really concerned about it," while when a woman is to blame, she should be shunned and virtually removed from society to allow the father to raise the child himself.

I personally find this double standard a little disturbing.

You'd be hardpressed to well educated open-minded people in this world who would not believe the following:

"For every wrong a woman has done throughout the history of mankind, men have done it ten times over." (anonymous)

It is my boyfriend's favorite quote (and mine too).

In my experience, in the vast majority of relationships, whether married or not, the man has almost all the control over the relationship if he uses it wisely and cunningly. Women usually desire a man who takes charge - it is an attractive feature of the male sex.

Here's my advice: To all you men and women out there, don't be such an F'ing $%!@ when it comes to a relationship where you have kids. If in every relationship where children are involved if the prevaling attitude were the following:

Together, the two of us are going to do everything possible to insure that our entire world unequivocally revolves around our children with no exceptions ever!

If everyone followed that philosophy while raising their kids, there would be no "I like him, but I no longer love him" or heads of household or any of that other meaningless crap.

I think Fathers 4 Ever should change their name to PARENTS 4 EVER, maybe they'd be a little more respected.

And also, about all of those emotionally unstable and out of control kids in cities who are into drugs and alcohol abuse and other crime, I very seriously doubt that the causes include women not wanting to allow their husbands/boyfriends/"sex thing" (whatever you want to call him) to raise their kids, I bet, that in the vast majority of cases, the fathers were 99% to blame for the turnout of their kids. In most cases, its the father who crack smoked all of the family's money, or who abused the mother and her kids, or who screwed her and left her, or who committed the crimes and then ended up on the wrong side of the tracks, etc.

Don't BS anymore. Let's start telling it like it is. Women are to blame for many of our kids' problems, but like the quote above says, men are far more likely the cause and therefore should take the blame when it is their fault (which is most of the time).

By the way, I am not more than a feminist beyond equal rights. I like being loves, having lots of sex, and my boyfriend of 5 years is definitely the head of the household and I like it that way. When we get married and have kids, I will be a stay at home mom, but he will be just as much a part of my children's lives as I am. It takes two to tango.

Posted in Povertyyy on 2006-03-03 20:49:57

About you...

Saying that poverty "is the direct result of capitalism, and the policies carried out by a capitalist-controlled government, period," is not a very "free-minded" opinion.

Posted in What is a slut- BOYS AND GIRLS! on 2006-03-03 01:20:45

I personally find the term "$%!@" to be highly offensive mainly because it is applied to men and women very differently. In my experience, a girl who has sex with a lot of people is called a "$%!@," while a guy who has sex with a lot of people is called a "stud." Although this perception is changing, it is still very prevalent in even well educated liberal societies.

Another major issue is what actually dictates behavior by a girl as "$%!@ty." Personally, what someone wears rarely has anything to do with a girl's sexual behavior. I know many many girls who wear very revealing clothes, are virgins, and insist in remaining that way until they are married. I also know many many girls (some my best friends" who ALWAYS cover their bodies from head to toe (always wearing rather modest pants/dresses/skirts and shirts) and who have sex with at least 3 different people almost every day!

Some girls just like to have sex! Why is that person somehow a $%!@? Why do guys get to have all the fun? Us women want some too.

By the way, I personally, am very attached to only one partner and stay completely monogamous, but I respect the rights of others to be different.

Posted in Women Who Wear Girdles on 2006-02-28 19:59:47

I wear a girdle almost everyday throughout the winter. They seem to keep me a little warmer and help to feel a little sexier during the cold months. I really like corsets too. I wear one basically everyday. I either wear a corset, bodysuit, or girdles (or sometimes a combination) on a daily basis.

I normally wear girdles under my skirt, bodysuits under pants/shorts and I always wear a corset under a dress - unless of course the dress doesn't cover it and then I'll wear a see-through bodysuit.

I REALLY love clothes! Finally, to top it all off, I have to wear some really nice 3-4 inch heels.