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Posted in RELIGION on 2005-10-27 23:23:19

It's kind of confusing because two groups have the age 18 in them.:)

I feel that it would be a good idea except for the fact that many people would be getting married younger and end up getting divorced. I think it would cause many conflicts especially since you are still under the parents care until you are 18 years of age so that sounds pretty difficult to pull off.

Posted in Political Beliefs on 2005-10-25 03:42:31

I think you should take out the parties in parenthesis to see if how people are voting are connected with the party they claim to be. I think that might make it more interesting.:)

Posted in Spiritual Gifts on 2005-10-25 03:39:56

God's love is not "fake". Seek and you shall find.

I think that saying everyone goes to heaven right away is a misconception. I think that when Jesus comes back to the earth then we will be taken up, the living and the dead. So in saying to heaven, I believe that this will be after Jesus returns.