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User: don't talk to strangers



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Posted in boys in the women's locker room on 2007-01-18 21:36:52

My neighbor has two kids for whom I often babysit, boys ages 8 and 3. I think she is pretty overprotective but I have never said anything to her.

Anyway, the embarrassing thing is that when we go to the community center pool. My neighbor takes her boys in through the women’s room with her. For the three yr old this is fine but she sometimes brings the 8yr old too. I never really cared until I started seeing them regularly when I would be trying to change or shower after swimming laps and of course they always come say hi so its hard to ignore them.

Well one time I was there and I hadn’t heard anyone in a while so I am nude taking my time drying off when around the corner walks my 8yr old neighbor. Startled and aware of my full frontal view I was giving him, I quickly cover with a towel.

Then I hear people behind me, so I panic and turn around only to see my neighbor with her other son. Then comes the worst part, because I still was only covering my front and because apparently naked rear ends are funny to young boys, the 8yr old starts laughing and saying that he can see my bare fanny. Needless to say I change at home now.