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well, yeah but 2pac's song Changes had a pretty big message too. That's the best song ever.

Posted in iPods on 2006-08-07 03:06:29

You obviously don't own an ipod, cause you would know it does much more than that. The IRiver doesn't do nearly as much $%!@ and you know it.

Posted in Sexiest Woman In TheWorld on 2006-08-04 17:31:24

Damn, you're right, I really messed up, Jessica Alba is like top 3 hottest in the world. Oh well, it doesn't matter cause someone screwed up this poll anyways, by voting Pam Anderson 2,000 times.

Posted in The 2006 NFL Draft on 2006-08-04 17:19:10

You left out the top 6 draf pick, Vernon Davis under tight end. Hello? He sort of was the best tight end in college. Look at his build. He looks like a monster! Same with leaving out the future NO. 1 Pick, Mario Williams wasn't even in the devensive lineman category. And I would of put the big wide reciever out of Florida, Chad Jackson on the WR list. Anyways, I think you did this poll a little too early, I would've waited til last February, March.

Posted in best rapper ever on 2006-07-26 04:38:58

Actually, coming from someone who is old enough to be around during those times, many people considered 2pac to be the greatest when he was still alive. His death added some, but no, Nas wouldn't be percieved as the best even if Pac was alive, sorry dude. Pac is the best and always will be. 48% Percentile.Ha Ha!