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User: crazy8s


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Posted in Sleepover pranks on 2005-12-30 23:38:08

r u gay? If not why did u wanna feel his nob?

Posted in Sleepover pranks on 2005-12-30 22:03:53

I gots an idea 2. My annoyin older cuzzin in stayin 4halloween this years so im gonna get bac at him 4 all the times he pranked me. On halloween im gonna get my friends over when hes havin his afternoon nap. Well tie him up in duct tape and cover his mouth so he cant scream. Then well pull of all his clothes and underwear and shave his pubs(if he has any) then well wrap him up in toilet paper and bandages, tie him to a tree on the next street and leave him there, pretentining hes a halloween decoration. Oh an well put a diaper on him in case he needs to go. The the next day well set him loose and make him run home in the nude hahahahaha That ill teach him, but do u think itll work. I dont think hell tell cuz if he duz the videos and pics r goinn on da skool website.

Posted in Sleepover pranks on 2005-12-30 21:39:17

This prank is soo bad! I got it done 2 me. I fell asleep 1st and the stripped me naked an wrapped my arms and legs in duct tape then threw me outside. finally they let me back in, but i probably shud of stayed outside! They shaved me pubs and poured ichin powder over my $%!@. Then they gave me laxatives. Then they shoved a used diaper on me. They made me wank myself, then they put me in a pair of tiny breifs, wrapped me in cling film and hung me up a tree by the breifs! I got such a wegie

Posted in Sleepover pranks on 2005-12-30 21:31:27

Yo uz guyz is seriously sick!!!!!!! Makin him suck ur balls! Thats so gay man! And wantin pics.....even worse!