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Posted in Lesbian Sex on 2006-04-07 04:25:03

I'm waiting till later with men, till I can trust them or I'm in love or just older and more experienced. Yes, I have these types of sexual experiences with women, even though I do desire men very much, too. I won't have intercourse or or__ s__ with men yet (I'm 19) because I don't want to worry about my health and because I haven't fallen in love. The women are very clean and thoughtful and know how to excite me, even better than a man does. It surprised me at first when I discovered I felt women's bodies were beautiful and sexually appealing. And if it surprised me, I suspect others are surprised too but it is a fact that, I think, many women feel the same way. I wish women would make comments on this.

Posted in Diary on 2006-03-30 15:27:52

I keep only one diary--putting everything into it, even movie ticket stubs, receipts, mementoes, sexual things, secret thoughts, codes, passwords (encoded, of course), everything I might forget, photos and drawings, cartoons and fine art, sexual and not. I've kept a diary since I was ten, after my dad died. I use one of those Barnes & Noble cheap sketchbooks, the large, hardbound ones, costing now about $7.00. I hide the ones I've finished writing in. I hide them in a secret, hard-to-get at place in my closet, and drill a hole in them and padlock each one so my mom can't just find them and open them without damaging them. I have been putting or trying to put (I'm very busy) my diary online. My diary is at http://pandorabottomley.blogspot.com/. That is the online diary. I haven't the time to work on it much so transferring it from diary to web is awfully slow.

Posted in Are you a "Peeping Tom or a Peeping Tommie?" on 2006-03-30 14:02:49

Peeping Girls

You sure messed up writing your poll! You should have asked about girls. Girls window peek, too, if they're absolutely certain of not getting caught. If it's completely safe they love to watch a nice-looking guy and even a girl. A friend and I used to peek on a couple that lives near us in the mountains. It was easy and safe to do so--and really exciting to watch them! They made love a lot in the summer. Some of my girlfriends who live in town who live in apartments use binoculars when their parents are gone (of course) to spy on their neighbors. I've been with them when they spied from their balconies on one beautiful, gorgeous woman with the best figure you ever saw and a couple of girls play with themselves watching her. You should learn to write better polls...

Posted in Sex and religion on 2006-03-30 13:50:52

TO MASTER GABRIEL: Pardon me, Sir, but sex is not simply a "fun activity," like you say. Sex is a serious matter because people care about themselves and about others and get deeply involved, especially if they're having sex together. Sex involves much more than a person's desire to have an orgasm, which is why "lousy sex" won't necessarily end a relationship--people care about each other too much to end their relationships immediately when they discover sexual incompatibilities. Some people love each other despite having lousy sex. Your theory about human nature is dead wrong, because we can't help but be serious about sex. On the other hand, sex is a tremendously good and enjoyable thing, like you said it is, and many religions frown on it out of wedlock. I think, just like you do, that that particular religious belief is a big load of crap, but I do believe in deep feeling and commitment if possible. I think it is important to be patient and kind and loving to all people but especially to those we have sex with because everyone is very easily hurt sexually and emotionally and we have to work out problems and not just give up.

Posted in Do you get Bullied? (Girls Only!) on 2006-03-30 13:28:52

In my senior year two farm girls bullied me, calling me names, ambushing me, and once beat me up. I guess they were jealous of me. It was a real problem. After I was beaten up, I had to tell my mother who told her best friend--another woman-- and together they went to the fathers of the two girls and the girls' fathers put a stop to the bullying in a single day.