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Posted in The Circumcision Poll 2003 on 2006-06-26 03:48:05

I am NOW glad I was circumcised. Unfortunately I was not done at birth. I discovered my difference about the age I began school and when I asked my Mom about it she told me that she had been intending to get it done to me and we would see about it soon. I was quite anxious about that and distraught when I was told that I was to go into hospital and get circumcised. In fact (because I greatly feared being hurt)I cried and pleaded not to be circumcised. There was no getting off though and the day came, my mother took me to the hospital and I emerged fully circumcised. As I feared, it HURT for about a week. I fussed mightily until my mother had to tell me, "It isn't going to grow back and you have the rest of your life to get used to it, so you might as well stop fussing!"

It DID take some getting used to! Until I was circumcised, there had always been a skin covering. With that gone my newly bared glans constantly chafed on underware and bedclothes. That sensation continued for months.

Psychologically first and then physically I became used to being circumcised and found that I truly preferred it. When girls later confirmed that they preferred a circumcised organ I felt proud.

Looking back, my only regret is that I wasn't circumcised as a baby!

Posted in One more circumcision poll for males only on 2006-06-26 03:24:44

I was nine when my mother told me that she was going to have me circumcised. At the time it scared the 'livin bejeebees' out of me and I was quite resistant even though I was told it would make cleanliness easier and it would be healthier.

With my mother, there was no arguing so in I went with her and despite my protests, I was soon circumcised. I was terribly sore and annoyed at first but as I healed I found myself increasingly glad to have been done. When I became engaged to the girl who is now my wife, she told me of a conversation she had withmy Mom in which she learned that my Mom had had me circumcised. She told me clearly, "I'm glad she had you done because if you weren't we'd be having a little chat about your seeing a doctor to get it done! You need to know now, that I will insist that any son I have will be circumcised as soon as practicable after his birth."

Posted in Circumcision on 2006-06-26 03:10:31

I am a woman who heartily supports circumcision for boys.

Yes, it is what I am most used to but it makes cleanliness ever so much easier, particularly for the mother or other caregiver.

While the procedure can be done at any age, it is best done in infancy and he should be cut so that the glans is ALWAYS exposed.

I know for a fact that a majority of women prefer males to be circumcised so it is too bad when people come in and 'stuff' the 'ballot box'