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User: Eiko!


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Posted in Code Lyoko on 2006-05-14 23:15:44

i luv this show but i don't watch it that much becaue is the same episodes over and over and over again

Posted in Code Lyoko on 2006-05-14 23:12:19

i luv that show Yumi is Just like me (personality wise) Yes best show ever

YOU ARE ABSOUTLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant get any one else to agree. TY!

Posted in Final Fantasy couples on 2006-05-14 15:33:40

I made it i luved it i rock. if want to send a private message e-mail: AlBhedThief12@CS.com

Posted in Final Fantasy 7 on 2006-04-29 15:26:53

Yu are so right i wish Aeris wasnt in the game she was horrible at fighting and Aeris/Cloud if that was real i would throw the game of of my window. (Romance plays a BIG part for me)