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Posted in Hot Women Celebrities on 2006-11-14 01:29:30

If you voted other post a comment saying which girl/woman was missing

Posted in Lindsay vs Paris on 2006-10-07 15:31:53

I am so impressed of people blindness...honestly i can't understand why do people like Paris better than Lindsay...Paris is a spoil girl, with nothing in her head...at least LL works fir what she has, and she has talent, not as Paris that releases a record just because shes famous...

Posted in Ultimate Pubic Hair Poll on 2006-08-27 20:32:45

pubic hair

I like my pubic hair, it makes me feel better, and i like when i jack off n feel it, i've never shave my pubic hair

Posted in BEST OF THE IT GIRLS on 2006-08-17 22:35:20

Well I honestly don't hate jessica, but I think she really is a good girl but missing brain...although she has talent at singing...

Posted in Stupid Girls on 2006-08-12 14:47:42

I can't understand why so many people hates LL, I know she's a drama queen, and has a lot of feuds with other celebrities but she is talented, and hopefully is not a bad girl...post a comment saying why do u hate Lindsay.