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Posted in computer programming on 2006-06-06 18:43:32

"You don't know much about programming languages, do you?" Considering "i am 13", you shouldn't expect someone that young to know about lots of programming. Thats probably why the poll was created; to find out what programming languages are most often used, why and what people do with them. In relation to the "Where are all the other programming languages", if s/he is 13 the chances are they wont know that many more. I'm 18 - when i did my gcse's (england) all through school, they didn't teach you about DOS, Linux or programming. Its more about how to use mail merge and set paragraph formatting in word! So please, support people - dont kick them down.

Also, Alannah: "not even from a country whose first language is English! (Finland) LOL" Nothing to be laughing about, you dont own the english language (and if your american, shut your face - english was created in england, NOT america!). Everyone has a right to learn what they want - and to be supported.