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User: Drama Queen


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Posted in WWE Awards ceremony on 2007-07-29 05:02:16

I totally agree why would Edge be voted as the best superstar of the year he is the worst!

Posted in Favorite t.v shows on 2007-03-14 22:49:04

what about One Tree Hill, RAW, Smackdown

Posted in Hottest Male WWE Wrestler on 2007-02-26 00:18:38

John Cena is the hottest man on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Most beautiful guy ever on 2007-02-23 22:51:35

John Cena should be on the list

Posted in Is the Iraq War a success or failure? on 2007-02-22 03:26:47

Not really, the purpose was to get Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein it was sucessful BUT NOW they should come home