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Posted in Web Browser Questionnaire on 2009-03-25 18:54:54

apart from speed, i would say that firefox is the best browser out there. it is smooth and easy to use, feature-rich, and there are a variety of toolbars and add-ons that you can pimp it out with. however, lately i have been using the safari 4 beta because it's super fast and opens quickly (and it has the smooth, flashy look of an apple-made program). it still lacks some features and it isn't open source, but speed and ease of use are most important to me.

Posted in CoD 4 on 2008-06-28 02:03:40

im pretty sure that the best weapons are all default unlocked. m16/ak47 two best assault rifles mp5 best sub m40a3 best sniper rpd best lmg and that pump action thing is better than the shallow clipped one. usp 45

overkill is a waste of class 2 perks. no room for stopping power.

ultimate sniper class: m40a3, silenced usp 45, claymores, stopping power, iron lungs. 1 hit kill almost everytime, with good fire rate and best accuracy.


Posted in Why I HATE Runescape on 2007-06-11 12:48:32

runescape is incredibly grainy such bad graphics

and when you fight you stab air

the movements are not fluid at all

other than that its ok

Posted in The Beck Fan Poll on 2007-03-09 23:59:14

beck is awesome but you didnt have the album Guero in the options

que onda guero and e-pro are best songs

Posted in Cake Vs. Pie on 2007-03-09 23:56:11


cake is a waste of flour which could be making a perfectly good pie.