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Posted in Final Fantasy VII and VIII Poll on 2006-08-27 22:12:20

Cloud and Yuffie

Cloud and Yuffie to me are the best couple ever in Final Fantasy VII. I am soo sick and tired of everybody hating Yuffie because of her personality, looks, development and people calling her a very uncaring snoby tomboy. I am soo fed up with that, no cahracter is perfect but why hate Yuffie the most, she has a wonderfull and funny personality despite some minor stuff she cares very deeply about everyone in thew world that she knows and tries her best to fix everything, now about looks many people think she is just ugly or stupid looking but in my opinion she is a very beautifuly cute girl and a very pretty one too. She has a very good looking face and knowhone cares the least bit about that, she has the looks and a very sexy body of a very girly girl like the beautiful godess Venus and short hair makes her look cute, she is a character who develops in the story of 7 and matures in later aperances like in Dirge of Cerberus and last but not least. She is a very girly girl in my opinion not a tomboy, in fact the biggest tomboy around is Tifa. That's all.