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Posted in Females who have been strip searched on 2018-01-26 22:20:49

Why do I think you are a masochist Janice ? Its simple. You are here for months, and most of what was talked about is how we want to strip you, restrain you in different ways, torture youy and interrogate you. And not only you are still here, but you seem to be content with this situation, you even came up with stripsearch scenarios of your own ( something i appriciate ).

So with all that said I cant help but think of you as masochist. Ah yes, the fact you left UK where women are overprotected, and went to live in the Saudi, indeed adds to my conclussion.

There is nothing to be ashamed of though, your masochisam, is part of your unicquenes. Embrace it and enjoy it Janice.

Posted in Females who have been strip searched on 2018-01-19 22:21:16

Oh yes Janice, you are a cute little masochist ( which is very good ), and now I know for sure you love it there.

Wait, why are you not let out of Riyadh ? Not even with a male escort ? I know most of that place is a desert, but there are few other cities.

I agree completelly with you, where you say the fact you cant socialize with men, is as much problem for them as it for you. You girls are awesome creations that had to be fully on desplay, and fully able to interact with us at any time, for a mutual benefit. So keeping them covered in those ugly abayas is a big loss for the men there.

Just to be clear, when I said " on desplay ", I dont mean naked all the time, that would quickly become boring. Instead I meant dressed in normal western clothes that reveal enough for us to enjoy, but also hide enough for us to have the pleasure of imagining and craving to see the rest

Posted in Females who have been strip searched on 2018-01-14 22:18:57

You do not agree, but perhaps... sicretly, you desire it. Which may be one of the reasons you chose to live in that hell hole for women eh Janice ?

Posted in Females who have been strip searched on 2017-12-18 23:56:44

That has to be mandatory everywhere, but then, perhaps this is better, if it is to easy, it wont be interesting right ?

Posted in Wrongly Acussed ( FEMALES ONLY ) on 2017-09-06 20:59:35

A poll for girls and women who served time in prison or a juvenille facility