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Posted in nudity for teenage boys on 2024-04-15 02:33:14

yes my parents see me naked . it can be any room in the house . i have to stay naked moms rule so i am seen naked evry day . in the poll you asked if i am spanked and yes bare bottom . when frends sleep over i am naked but my frends are shy so they wear shorts

Posted in nudity for teenage boys on 2023-05-18 14:25:37

my mom wants me to stay naked in the house

Posted in Corner Time Punishments on 2023-01-28 07:19:23

yes its the same with me . when mom tells me to stand she means naked . even if her friends are there

Posted in Voyeurism vs Exhibitionism on 2023-01-20 06:35:04

my mom keeps me naked . she does not want me to wear clothes in the house so i guess that makes me sort of like a exebitionist

Posted in Baring the bottom for a spanking on 2023-01-20 06:25:38

well my mom all ways spanks me naked . even when she has frends over