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Not nude but...


After watching this video, I am convinced that women wear swimsuits designed by men! Because they are all out there, half-naked, and it doesn't bother them a bit! I don't mind, of course, but none of them seem the least bit embarrassed by their bare butts! Of course, some of these girls grew up wearing thong swimsuits, so they are probably the second or third generations of their families to do so. Their moms were likely the ones asked to leave public pools, beaches, etc., but these girls can get away with it now.


Posted in School Swimwear on 2022-10-18 15:33:49

I personally think that swimming naked in mixed company, with girls around, would have been fun. Oh, it would have been embarrassing at first, "butt" I would have gotten used to it!

Posted in Most underappreciated female body part! on 2022-09-23 16:22:29

So put yours in a thong bikini (or less!) and show them off, ladies!

Posted in Swimming Attire (Females aged 14-17 only) on 2022-09-20 15:33:55

Back when I was a teenager, we had a swimming pool in our backyard. One evening, a neighbor girl came over to swim with us. She wore a green bikini that her mother had made for her. Whenever she went to lift herself up out of the pool, she would ALWAYS become bottomless, because her panties would slip COMPLETELY off her butt, leaving her totally naked, except for her top, which never came off. But despite the fact that her butt was now completely bare, she would continue to lift herself up out of the water, still exposing her butt, and doing absolutely NOTHING to cover herself! She would continue to remain bottomless, all the while continuing to expose herself to me, until she was completely out of the water, and she would even stand on the deck beside the pool still bottomless! Only then would she pull her panties back up and dive back into the pool. She apparently enjoyed bottomlessness, because a few minutes later, she was once again showing off her bare butt as she slowly climbed out of the pool. She had to have known that those panties would slip off her butt again if she came out of the pool the same way a second time, but once again, she hopped up to come out of the pool, again letting those panties slide down to at least her knees once again, allowing her to once again expose her butt cheeks in the way that she apparently preferred, 100% naked! I have to admit that I definitely enjoyed checking out her sexy butt cheeks, especially since she was now exposing those butt cheeks with even LESS coverage than even the tiniest thong would have provided! (Of course, when your butt is completely bare, you obviously have even less coverage than you would have with any thong, because now you have NO coverage!)