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Posted in circumcision and foreskin (males only) on 2014-04-22 17:20:01

Being a uncut dude i love my tool the way it is i would not have my kids cut i would let them decide for themselves when they get to the point of wanting it done i will take them. Most of my friends are cut i am one of 2 guys in my group that is not circumcised. i like my tool being uncut and so have my girlfirends i have had 2 girls kinda freak about it cause it was not cut like all of the other guys they had been with i just explained to them it is just like other guys just has a skin covering the head they like sex with me because the loose skin helps with the in and out motion of sex and leaves them less irritated than my circumcised counterparts.

curtdude uncircumcised and like it

Posted in Cut or Uncut? on 2014-04-22 17:09:06

I love my $%!@ being uncut my foreskin pulls back i use the skin for $%!@ion no lube needed it is great my girlfriend loves my uncut tool i get comments from my friends when we are in the locker room about my uncut tool i just respond dudes we all were born this way yours was just chopped off.


Posted in circumcision 1990s on 2012-11-25 18:05:19

I think that circumcison is on the decline and have read articles saying that it is on the decline. I have had 3 of my friends have boys and 2 of them opted not to have thier boys circumcised they themselves are circumcised. One of the mother inlaws freaked about it and asked kevin why was he not having his boy circumcised and kevin said that it is not nessesary to have him go through the trauma the MIL said that he will not remember it he is young and it has to be done . Kev asked why does it need to be done the MIL said it just does my husband is circumcised and all 5 of my boys are so it just needs to be done to boys. That wsa the reason she had to have it done because all of the males in her life were cut. I am not circumcised and Kev asked me about it I told him that the kid will be fine if you dont do it i am i do nto have any STD's my $%!@ doesnt stink and i have a good set of sex partners that like my $%!@ uncut.


Posted in Mens Locker Room Experiences on 2012-11-25 15:19:18

I remember going to the showers one day in the locker room as i got in there was this guy he was in the stall accross from me i did not pay any attention to him as i turned my back to the shower spray i opened my eyes and this guy accross from me was erect and $%!@ing to me and my body I am about 4 inchs soft and 6.5 hard but my thickness is about 5 and the hot shower made my balls hang low. I looked at his face he smiled at me and must have liked what he saw. I did not mind he could look all he wanted just not touch. I finnished my shower and dryed off in the shower stall he was still there staring my body down. After i dried off i left the stall i dont know if he ever make the delivery with his goo all i know was he was totally obvious on what he was doing and googling over my twig and berries.


Posted in Boxers on 2012-10-22 18:40:11

I totally started boxers when i was 7 years old i wanted them for the cool cartoon characters that were printed on them. As i got into puberty i noticed that it was not for the wild prints but the comfort as my $%!@ was growing and my balls needed room to move around. I continued with boxers and still wear them. I have gotten comments about wearing my boxers with basket ball shorts my girlfriends friends told her that they could totally see my $%!@ flopping around in the basketball shorts and my balls moving from side to side as i ran playing ball. Being uncircumcised you see the cyclinder shape pointing down in my shorts with no head defintiton. There was another time that i was laying by the pool in a pair of shorts on a lounge chair. As i layed there the wind caught my shorts as i was sleeping and my buddy woke me up told me that my balls were out in view for all to see as i stood up he was right thise chicks were checking out my package as i layed there it was a hot day so my balls were hanging low for all to see. They are the most comfortable underwear to use My GF bought my some boxerbriefs one day as a gift and i did try them on they were just to constricting they held my balls and $%!@ in a pouch and could not wait to get them off and freeball or boxer short it again. I still buy the wild print ones so they look cool they are comfortable to wear and i dont think i would change to anything else

curtdude boxer wearer