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Posted in The Ultimate Canadians vs. Americans Poll on 2008-02-21 02:54:27

figured id throw in that we didnt buy alaska from the canadians, but the russians

Posted in At what age were you saved? on 2008-02-20 04:07:31

you people are the perfect example of why atheists exist. you stereotype the misdoings of one christian or a group of christians and apply them to all christians. not to say there arent hypocrites in christianity, because there are, but they need to examine their theology. also, at the church i go to, the sermons are far from boring. the thing most churches lack these days is a relevant message that will matter directly to the recipient. i go to a church with that and worship music with drums and guitar.

just because you dont want to be held accountable to your sins doesnt mean you wont. one day every tounge will confess, one day every knee will bow. that includes you too. you may not believe it now, but you will, in this life or the next.

Posted in What do you think of atheism? on 2008-02-20 03:53:58

why would you want to take the chance? the main reason atheists dont believe is because they dont want to be held accountable. most aren't intelligent enough to try to think through their theory of origin, and for those that do, there are always answers to their questions.

Posted in Creationism and Evolution - True or False on 2008-02-20 03:23:19

and since when has atheism been a requirement for reason? typical for the average evolutionist dismiss faith as ignorance. the "old wise man" has answered every question patiently and accurately citeing sources in his dialoge. the pro evolutionists can scarcely come up with sources to validate their arguments. so when you dare not ask any more, you insult his intelligence. just admit that there is not a single valid question that he has not been able to answer.

Posted in The wonderful world of SHOPPING! on 2007-11-02 03:04:52

hot topics amazing