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Posted in Boys at Boarding Schools on 2020-05-27 17:59:10

According to these results most boys at most boarding schools in America report the MAJORITY of their schoolmates are circumcised. A quarter report all are. This is two and three times respectively the numbers for other countries! One in five America boys believes he has a classmate with a broken nut which is over twice that average for outside the USA. Boys outside the USA are more than five times as likely to not know of a case of a boy being injured in this way.

Posted in Boarding school & balls on 2016-10-07 05:28:07

What is wrong with American Catholic boys? Catholic boys report seeing boys completely incapacitated by strikes to the groin for up to 3 hours compared to a maximum of 45 minutes for non-Catholics. While blows to the balls are also ubiquitous at non-Catholic schools, these boys are 5 times as likely to report short term pain only. Nutshots at Catholic schools are 50% more likely to cause the boy to barf, twice as like to cause bruising or swelling and 15 TIMES as likely to require medical attention!

Posted in Self defense or abuse? on 2015-09-25 09:12:06

Some very interesting differences in results depending on religion! It seems that Protestants and Catholics have considerably more faith in Michael's balls than other respondents. Just under half believe that his family jewels can hold out against this constant barrage forever. No respondents from any other faith felt that both testicles could survive a year! Not a single Catholic or Protestant respondent believed that Michael could be killed by a kick to the nuts from his little sister. In contrast, most other Christians feared for his life while none of them believed that a boy's cherries could had taken such beatings without causing serious harm.

Posted in Brutal Discipline on 2015-07-21 11:54:58

I take it you've never heard of Residential School for Aboriginal Canadians? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Indian_residential_school_system Although I cannot find a reference specifically stating the boys were beaten on their testicles, the schools were more like concentration camps than educational centres. Half the of the children that went there died and the purpose of the schools seemed to be genocide against Canadian Indians. From what is known about the horrendous abuse that happened there I would be surprised if boys were not beaten on their nuts! The schools were run by Catholic monks and to a lesser extent protestant clergymen.

Posted in Prison Rights in the US on 2013-10-09 10:10:46

I don't understand the USA's attitude towards crime and punishment. For one thing, many, perhaps most of their inmates are mentally ill. People don't want to pay to treat mental illness so instead they pay to punish them. Unfortunately its not very effective. Prisoners are always human and deserve basic human rights. Prisoners rights should only be limited to such an extent as to protect public safety and the safety of other inmates. Mental ill criminals should receive psychiatric treatment. The courts need to do a good job at discerning real criminals from mental cases.