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Posted in Circumcision on 2008-11-15 20:00:02

I want to apologize to all the honest voters who used my poll, both pro and anti-circ. I made this poll because I have read other circumcision polls and some of them had accusations of dishonest voting. I was not sure if I could trust any results, whether they were pro or anti-circ. I have downloaded my results and based on the Excel spreadsheet, I will show how these results are dishonest.

1) Are you circumcised?

The first 501 rows were mostly YES. Then somebody voted NO 271 times in a row.

2) For all men and boys who use public showers at school, community center, or wherever. How many other men or boys do you see that are circumcised?

The first 501 rows were mostly 'MOST'. Then somebody voted 'NONE' 33 times in a row. This is followed by 100 votes that are all (in exact sequence) no response, FEW, ABOUT HALF, ABOUT HALF, and FEW. The next 140 votes are (in exact sequence) no response, FEW, and 'ABOUT HALF' four times in a row.

3) For all women and girls, how many men/boys in your family are circumcised?

Let me start by saying that first 501 rows are full of very large gaps because more males responded than females. However, most of those responses were ALL and I remember an overwhelming majority of females who responded ALL to this question, just like I would have. Then somebody voted NONE 140 times in a row. Followed by votes that say FEW, NONE, or ABOUT HALF in exact sequence.

4) Males, if you have a son(s), is he circumcised? 5) For males who don't have sons, if you do, will you circumcise him (them)? 6) Females who don't have sons, if you do, will you circumcise him (them)?

For both questions, most of the first 501 rows did not respond. However, most of those who did voted YES. Then someone voted NO 271 times in a row.

7) Females, if you have a son(s), is he circumcised?

Most of the first 501 voters did not respond. However, most of those who did voted YES. Then someone voted no 145 times in row. The next 133 voters were all NO with a 'no response' about every five votes, because whoever did this thought I wouldn't notice.

After 772 rows, the votes are now reflecting those of the first 501, mostly in favour of circumcision.

Posted in Circumcision on 2008-11-15 19:53:51


I am not going to delete your post. But I suggest you delete it yourself after you read this.

Two months ago, the results showed that most males and females alike favour circumcision. I am very upset that somebody (or more than one person) overwhelmingly voted in opposition to circumcision. I am upset because it is dishonest. I made a poll about circumcision because I wanted an honest response to how prevalent it is. I have viewed other poll results and I have read posts from people just like you, saying that in no time at all the results went from favouring to opposing circumcision. I hoped that it would not happen to my poll, but it did.

I am also very outraged because I am in favour of circumcision. Every boy I have ever known whether it is my father, my brothers, my cousins, and my boyfriend are all circumcised. If I have sons, I intend to circumcise them. Why am I writing this? Because you had NO RIGHT to assume that I have a bias against circumcision. You also have no right at all in assuming that I was responsible for the unrealistic and very sudden number of votes that oppose circumcision. Let me explain a little math to you. If ten people who oppose circumcision vote against it every day for one month, that's 300 votes that oppose circumcision. I don't care if you think that's ridiculous, it does not change the fact that I appreciate male circumcision and I WANTED an honest and accurate poll.

To answer your question about what is the sense in having an inaccurate poll, there is no sense. But I am not going to delete the poll for two reasons. First, I have downloaded the results of my poll and I want everybody to read a confirmation by myself, the author, that somebody voted dishonestly in my poll and the results are inaccurate. I am going to put another topic in this poll that will explain in full detail, based on the Excel sheet that reads the poll's statistics, exactly how there has been dishonest voting. The second reason I will not delete my poll is because my statistics show that recent voting has become more in favour of circumcision, just like most of the votes have been until this problem started. It might take a year, but I am hoping the results will be more honest again.

If I see doubtful results on other circumcision polls, resulting from rapid changes in the votes, I will post my own messages telling people what happened to my poll and confirming that there is dishonest voting.

I have seen other circumcision polls and I have read posts describing the exact same problem. I am the type of person that does not jump to conclusions and I remember thinking that dishonest voting is either the fault of the author or unrelated voters. I never blamed a specific person without evidence. I understand that it is a very sensitive topic and I would be just as upset as you are if I saw this on a poll, but you have no right to blame the author of the poll for bias without questioning the voters, not to mention attack my character by suggesting that I will delete your post once I see it. I have not read my poll for several weeks now. Next time you see dishonest results, keep in mind that it can happen behind the author's back.

Posted in Should I get circumcised? on 2008-04-17 13:40:51

For guys and girls http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/327743

Posted in Circumcision & Underwear on 2008-03-05 03:31:14


Posted in Circumcision: Guys And Girls on 2008-03-05 03:30:53