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Posted in Switchblades and the Law on 2008-12-23 05:03:58

Well, there have been automatically opening knives since the late eighteenth century. Automatic knives and switchblades are the same thing.

Posted in are there alot of fights at your school? on 2008-11-17 07:43:24

The best fight I was in was in 5th grade. Even after 5 years its the most memorable fight I've been in. Well it goes like this: It was after school the last day of 5th grade and their was a big party. I had heard that Leon, a kid who had bullied me throughout the year, was going to be there. So for most of the party I was trying to find Leon so I could challenge him to a fight. Eventually I found him in the gym, chatting with his friends and promptly challenged him. Leon started being a jackass and started insulting me yet whenever I tried to challenge him he alway backed down. Finally I told him to quit being such a $%!@ and he got mad. He started trying to punch me. I could tell he wasn't trying to aim all that well because he didn't land any of the punches. So I just slugged him square in the face and he didn't even try to block it. He was pretty $%!@ed after that so he tried to kick me but I kicked him right in the balls. He was screaming in pain after that! He ran away and I thought that he had backed down so I began walking out the door. But then I noticed that Leon was standing right behind me with a tennis racket. It turns out that he had gone to the storage closet in search of some weapons. I was pretty $%!@ed after that , because we never agreed on using weapons, so I kicked him in the chest, grabbed the racket and started to beat the $%!@ out of him with it. Good times. Good time.

Posted in Homosexuality on 2008-07-25 00:08:16

true that.

Posted in Homosexuality on 2008-06-16 23:30:18

In some country's it is illegal.

Posted in Russian roulette on 2008-05-26 21:52:55

Cool! I play with a double barreled shotgun. Ive never blown the roof of my mouth off yet.