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Posted in The Peoples' Slave 2 on 2009-09-27 15:23:53

go to a locker room (gym, pool, school, wherever) and get completely naked. get a rock hard erection. stay there for half an hour, go back and forth to the showers a few times. dont cover up, either with your hands or towel. make sure everyone can see your hard d/ck. this is especially humiliating if, like me, you have a small c/ck.

my email is wanker_chris@yahoo.com please send pics

Posted in Effective Punishments for Boys on 2009-08-09 18:11:03

my dad would disagree. he believes that, when spanking is involved, humiliation is more important than pain. he goes out of his way to degrade and embarass me. of course, he understands that inflicting pain is one of the most effective ways to embarass a boy (everyone is humiliated by being brought to tears), but the pain is really only a means to an end.

i can say from experience that this does indeed work. the feeling of deep, deep shame is almost always enough to make me think twice about breaking the rules.

Posted in For Men/Boys who have a Small Penis. on 2009-07-27 11:47:25

ive also serviced guys in front of other men. it is a totally degrading experience, to have so many men know that youre so pathetic, and that you exist only as a reseptacle for sperm.

the most amount of guys to watch me perform was about 12. they were part of a soccer team, and they were enjoying a sauna together in the sports center after a training session. when i entered the sauna, i became sompletely aroused by the sight of so many big, hanging coc.ks and sweaty, drooping balls. they noticed my puny erection, and started laughing at me and insulting me, calling me ''fag'' and ''pindic.k''. i replied that i was indeed a pindic.k, and that if they wished, i would also be a fag for them, as this was the only way i could be close to such large, manly coc.ks.

they howled with laughter when i degraded myself like this, but some of them agreed that they needed relief. they told me to get down on my knees and take the nearest coc.k into my mouth. i worked desperately to pleasure this coc.k, as is my duty as a pindic.k. they laughed even more as they watched me bob up and down on the steadily stiffening prick.

even more degrading were the comments. they began to discuss my technique, asking the guy i was sucking how it felt - how did i use my tongue, how deep did i go, and so on. they compared my technique to their girlfriends, and even offered tips on how frequently to suck the balls and how much tongue i should use. some of them wondered aloud how tight my a.ss would be, and whether it would be tighter than a p.ussy.

eventually, the coc.k i was sucking began to convulse. he pulled it out just in time, and wads of thick, creamy sperm splashed out onto my face. he sighed contentedly, and actually patted me on the head like a dog, before i moved obediently on to the next stiffening member, still wearing the sperm on my face.

Posted in For Men/Boys who have a Small Penis. on 2009-07-10 21:12:33

wow. i cant imagine what it must be like for you guys to be cuckolded like that. i guess i should be glad that i am too pathetic to get a girl. at least this way, i do not have to endure such an emasculating experience.

Posted in For Men/Boys who have a Small Penis. on 2009-06-18 21:48:11

yes, the gag reflex is hard to master.

i suppose i could ask my brother to help. he understands how pathetic i am, he should be more than happy to help humiliate me further.

heving your wife tease you life that must be torturous. i cant imagine how hard it must be, to be so constantly on the edge of arousal, but never getting even the slightest release. but then again, maybe i will know soon.

yes, you must be used to feeling pathetic. but i feel particularly ashamed of myself when i wank, especially if i have to do it for someone elses amusement.