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Posted in Least foul-mouthed character (south park) on 2010-01-23 20:54:06

obviously timmy is the least foul mouthed...all he can say is his name!

Posted in South Park on 2010-01-23 20:51:34

my fave episode is elemantary school musical.

Posted in Cyber Bully Research on 2009-06-22 20:29:35

My friend uploaded a new album on bebo and there were some pictures of me. this horrible girl from my year posted hurtful comments on some of them. I didn't tell anyone but my friend, when i asked her to delete the comments.

I have been bullied since year 2, when I moved to scotland, i was always quiet and had a habit of picking my nose then, I made friends with this one girl because she was the only one who would be friends with me and even she would turn on me sometimes just because she got jealous when some of the others started being friends with me. I moved back to wales and i made more friends and got on with a good few people in my class, but a few boy would pick on me and throw things at me, my older brother would beat them up but he would then get in trouble and the boys weren't given a second thought. When I started comprehensive school there was this one girl who would say horrible things about me and try to turn my friends against me, but then in year eight she was nice to me, in a mocking way. i am now picked on by the boys, one went out with me for 3 days and then i found out he only did it for a joke, they all flirt with me but not real flirting, joke flirting, and they try to snog me and squeze my arse. people kick me, fart in my face if they are in front of me on the stairs, tell me horrible gossip about my brother, one person stole my phone and sent some recordings to his phone of me singing very badly and pictures of my little brother and sister. people also spread rumours about my friends and tell them that I told them the things they were spreading.

Posted in Your School Uniform on 2009-06-22 19:59:32

at my school we have to wear a polo shirt, a blazer, black trousers or skirt and black shoes. if we don't take our blazers they either put us in time out or send us home to get one or borrow one from the office. this is because in 2007 my school did a protest against blazers and were burning them, it was on the news, so now they are strict about the blazers.