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Posted in Older Sisters spanking Brothers on 2015-06-26 17:15:27

Thanks for your input. I've seen some of your replies on other forums and they are quite sensible.

Of course, she'll not be allowed to punish him unsupervised, and as for lording it over him, if it's at home I'll put a stop to it immediately. I'll let her know that she's not to ever mention it to any of her friends, at all. If she does, I'll find out about it sooner or later, and she'll lose all privileges. I might even threaten to make her switch roles with him and let him use a belt on her if she blabs. That's a threat, but I think it would work.

I might find a neighbor who could spank him, but doubtful. Too much chance of a neighbor worrying about being accused of something and refusing.

As for the boys feelings, he's been spanked by his mom many times, and being spanked by his sister might be more embarrassing for him, but to avoid it, all he has to do is behave. Besides, some embarrassment in punishment is a good thing.

Thanks for your reply. Did you take the poll?

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