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Posted in Pubic Hair - TEENAGERS ONLY PLEASE on 2009-11-10 02:24:31

i know what you mean. it's also not as itchy, you know?

Posted in mastubation on 2008-10-15 20:39:50

everytime i shower, i hump some invisible object and pretend someone's doing me by saying things like "stop it sexy!" or others.

Posted in Favorite Subject in School on 2008-09-07 03:19:33

What about tennis, dude/dudette? You're skipping out on me.

Posted in Comfy being nude???(MEN ONLY) on 2008-09-03 21:09:58

I know how you feel. I was depansted in the gym in front of 16 girls! One of them I had a crush on. My underwear went down too! The girls did feel bad about it and hated the guy who did it. I was totally embarrased about it the rest of the day.

Posted in Teen Penis: How Much Do You Know About Your Friend? on 2008-08-26 21:52:45

I'm 2.5 soft, but 7.0 erect. I'm a sexy boy!