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Posted in 2012 updated election poll on 2012-01-26 19:46:23

Oh I hear ya death.... I kinda wish they would had put in age too. I try to make my polls detailed.

Posted in Hanging execution on 2010-10-03 04:48:48

I fully understand your concern. But actually I don't support the death penality. "a eye for a and we are all blind". The "hanging execution" is merely a survey just kinda wondering what people thinking.

Oh yea I does upset me that when the smallest % innocent are executed...

Posted in Seat belt choice on 2009-09-27 21:29:50

The reason the seatbelt law exsist is because of the insurance companys dont' want to pay out big $$$ on accident claims. If it was for other reasons it would be a federal law.

Did you know that New Jersery says its against their constituation to make people wear seat belts?

All a person has to do is start a petition at the local state level to stop the law. Yes, it will be hard to the lobbyist for the insurance compaines will fight tooth and nail to stop it! Can we say greed?

I don't care for the law but I drive a newer Volvo will a ton air bags that could hurt a person if gotten into a major accident. But the odds are in the favor that you won't get in major accident.

I have been driving a semi-truck for about 15 yrs and have came to believe that the number 1 safetly device is the "driver". You have the only full control of your own safe well being!