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Regarding which army has the best morale is controversial. And how does the US have the best moral????? Really? You say it like its obvious. The other statements it's probably true, but the definition of morale is very ambiguous.

Posted in Obama's Health Care Reform on 2009-10-02 20:46:50

The plan to make it mandatory to have health care insurance and to hand out fines to those who don't was proposed by Max Baucus in the BIPARTISAN bill, it's not of Obama's doing.

Posted in Poll on 2009-08-13 12:54:48

I use all three of them!

Posted in Obama, was he the right choice? on 2009-08-05 14:18:46

It is too early to tell. I think for the most part he is doing a good job. But I don't agree with all the stimulus for the automotive and banking sector.

Posted in Is america a God loving country? on 2009-08-03 23:23:45

It's funny how christians use that motto on the dollar bill" In God We Trust" in order to back up their claims that the ideal American is a theist. But on the same dollar bill, right beneath the pyramid says New Secular Order written in latin. Its odd how those two phrases on the bill contradict each other.