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Posted in Final Fantasy vs. Harry Potter on 2008-12-19 01:47:00

You Should Know what i have heard on the Internet!

It turns out that Patrick Stewart Just So Happens To Be A 'Harry Potter' Fan,Which,in turn,is now further Proof that The 'Harry Potter' Novels Will NOT be A Fad that will not be coming back!

If you are not familiar with Patrick Stewart,He Was In 'Star Trek:The Next Generation' As Captain Jean-Luc Picard,As Well as The 'X-men' Movies As rofessor Xavier!

If you Do not Believe Me,Then Check Out The Sites At Google!

Posted in Favorite fantasy author? on 2008-12-19 01:43:02

I will Give It A Shot!

Just Tell us where we can find copies of his works,so we could read them!

Thank you for the Suggestion!

Ironman out!

Posted in Favorite fantasy author? on 2008-12-19 01:41:54

I Concur with that statement!

Partially to tick off Final Fantasy Prick!

But Mostly,Because The 'Earthsea' Novels are not Afraid to be Thought-Provoking,in ways that MOST Final Fantasy Games would not have done with a 100-Foot Poleaxe!

But,Could you also Consider The Likes Of Rick Riordan On that List,please?

Oh,and please have the option to select Multiple Authors on that list,please!

Thank You!

Ironman out!

Posted in Harry Potter or Eragon on 2008-12-19 01:38:27

You Do Realize That The Likes Of Professor X(X-men) Would Have Raped Sepiroth in 5 minutes or less?

And anyways,I ACTUALLY like Both Of them!

The Harry Potter world,For Its Vivid Hair Colors And Lovable Citizens(Except For The Dursleys!)

And The World Of Inheritance,For Lacking An Army Of Total Morons along the lines of the Dursleys!

You REALLY should have Both of them on that list!

P.S:Patrick Stewart Is an admitted Harry Potter Fan!

Ironman Out!

Posted in Harry Potter or Eragon on 2008-12-19 01:34:42

Amen to that!

We SHOULD select Both Of Them as an Option!

Partially so we could Tick Off Final Fantasy Prick!

But Mostly because we have better things to do than to rip out the throats of one another!

That's my five dollars on the matter!