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User: Kurama's Rose


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Posted in best anime on 2009-04-07 00:25:43

hey guys, thanks for all the votes ^-^! I probably won't make anymore afterwards (maybe one more, but that's it) so anyway.... thanks again!

yours truly, Kurama's Rose

Posted in Naruto Poll on 2009-02-09 00:12:46

Ok, you forgot A LOT of characters. You probably did this on purpose, but you should include a favorite character question that didn't include the characters above. I mean there's the rookie nine people, the other dessert people, akatsuki, all of the teachers, and so on.

Posted in Coke vs Pepsi on 2009-02-03 00:42:04

I like IZZEs, sprite, cream soda, and rootbeer! c('-')