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With you there, Jongen. Cut $%!@ look so sexy!

Posted in Circumcision on 2009-02-19 17:36:12

I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a bit...but its worth it!

Posted in should I get circumcised? on 2009-02-19 17:34:00

No where I live I'm one of the few guys that's circumcised and i like being diffrent. Add to that it one of the reasons my b/f, whose very picky about it, chose me over other guys.

Posted in WHATS THE BEST THING ABOUT A CIRCUMCISED PENIS? on 2009-02-16 15:16:32

Everyone in my family is circumcised. I would certainly have any son of mine done.

Posted in using the URINAL on 2009-02-14 15:41:22

Ilike showing off my $%!@.