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Posted in High School gym class. Boys, guys olny. on 2010-11-08 22:16:54

we have a semester system, and I have gym now (first semester). In my class, when it was warm (a month or so ago) we were allowed to go shirtless. One day in september it was really hot, so me and some other guys changed out of our jeans and shirts, and then decided to change out of our socks and boxers. We (4 of us) changed into just our shorts and shoes. It was a good decision for two reasons. 1) it was really hot and 2) it felt really good. It kind of turned me on to see the band of nearly everyone's boxers, and socks, but not ours, because we weren't wearing any. we did the same thing the next day. It was great

Posted in Guys, What Are You Wearing (Right Now)? (boys only) on 2010-06-01 21:38:50

I have phys ed last period, so I am in my gym uniform, T-shirt and Shorts, no boxers.

Posted in PE Class on 2010-05-10 23:02:55

at my school (public high school near Toronto) we have separate boys and girls gym class. Im a guy, by the way. At my school, in gym i dont know about the girls, but we aren't allowed to wear boxers during gym class. What most of us do while we are changing is just change our shirt, change our shorts (without taking off our boxers) and then we pull our boxers down one leg, and off, so they are only on one leg, and then take them off the other. After class we normally just wear our shorts, because it is extremely difficult to put your boxers back on that way without anyone seeing your parts.

Posted in Guys, What Are You Wearing (Right Now)? (boys only) on 2010-04-25 22:40:55


Posted in HIGH SCHOOL BOY'S SPORTS on 2010-04-25 22:37:58