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Posted in Being A Naughty Boy At Bedtime on 2010-11-13 08:35:59

I'm 12 and my bedtime is 8pm. My big brother is allowed to go 30 minutes later, but we share a room, so I very rarely fall asleep before 8.30. Sometimes I resist going to bed so early, but I know I'll just get my bottom smacked if I do, so it isn't very often! Last night though, Dad caught us talking at nearly 10.30pm (almost 2 hours after lights out), so we both had to get out of bed, and pull our pyjama bottoms down to our ankles as we got our bottoms smacked. It really hurt, but when I was allowed back into bed, I fell asleep straight away.

The worst thing though is that our bedtimes have now both been moved back to 7pm for the next week. That's going to be terrible, it's early enough as it is!


It will be here in England in 2018. There is no way the racist russians will get it after the Peter Odemwingie banner. As for 2022, hopefully it'll be down under - I think Oz would be a great host

Posted in Scenario Poll - How would you punish your son? on 2010-07-04 10:37:06

Yeah, I only stated that they were fictional, as people were making comments in the text fields assuming they were real people

It's all loosely based on my own experiences I suppose, yes.

My parents are certainly into spanking, but that's not to say that they don't use other methods too. A mixture I'd say, depending on what has happened.

My take on the scenarios? Well, I'd say there's some where a spanking is definately in order (the chair throwing, food throwing and diaper ones probably) and others where a firm talk would probably suffice, or perhaps a couple of days grounding.

I'm making no comment on the smoking one, as it wouldn't be in there if I knew then what I do now. It appears from the comments that US law prohibits it for a lot longer than it does over here. 21 is the age that keeps coming up (no idea whether that's right or not), but it's legal (not advisory, but legal) at 16 over here, meaning its a major issue really with kids of that age, hence why it is in.

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2010-05-22 23:18:54

To add to that, as soon as I'd posted that, mum came in and found me out of bed and on the computer, so she gave me 10 more on the bare (on an already well spanked bum - owwwwww), and extended my grounding by 2 days.

I'd better get back to bed, before she catches me tonight too, as it's over 4 hours since I was supposed to be in bed, and I don't want another spanking!


Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2010-05-21 23:12:11

I was given a detention today at school for talking to my mate in class when I should have been listening to the teacher. It turns out that it was my 10th detention of the year, the point at which my parents said I would be 'severely punished' if I reached it before the summer.

When I got home, I handed the detention slip to mum (she already knew about it, as the school always ring ahead in advance), and she told me to go straight to my room to get my punishment. As we went into my bedroom, she told me to strip to my underwear, which I did, and bend over her knee, which I did. She then smacked my bottom 10 times over my briefs, and then took my briefs down and gave me 30(!) more smacks on my bare bottom! It stung like hell, and I was crying my eyes out before my briefs had even come down.

The bare bottom spanking was a surprise, as I'm normally spanked over my briefs, without them coming down, but because it was my 10th detention of the year, this was apparently deemed as a 'serious offence' that warranted a bare bottom spanking.

I'm also grounded for a week, and I have to be in bed by 8.00pm every night whilst I'm grounded :( I also have to actually do my 1 hour detention on Monday after school. I'm really not looking forward to the next week :( :( :(

Connor (in bed with a very sore bottom)