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Posted in Babysitters Bathing Boys on 2010-06-09 00:15:54


k thats kewl. was jus wondering. I don't have a gf, but i hear girls talking about their babysitting jobs...at least until boys get close by, then they change the subject...so I guess girls pretty much keep their babysit stories to themselves. thats why we appreciate you sharing so we can understand what happens to other boys...since boys never talk about their sitters. I'm still ashamed what Sandy and Betsy did to me....but it helps knowing that other boys get washed by girls. Betsy has moved and I've tried to stay away from Sandy, but next year she'll be in my school. so I'm not sure what will happen. thanks, Danny

Posted in Babysitters Bathing Boys on 2010-06-04 16:27:33


do u have a bf? what does he think of you bathing boys?


Posted in BOYS AND GIRLS: Who is stronger on 2010-03-08 17:09:02

Part 2 After my last experience with Sandy in the pool, I tried to stay away from her for awhile. I was really humiliated by her ability to carry and handle me, but also was really turned on by the experience. At the time, we were playing keep away with a ball, and she ended up carrying me around on her hip like a little kid. There was nothing I could do to get away from her, and she really teased me about a younger girl carrying an older boy and getting him turned on. Since my erection was against her stomach, she certainly could tell I was excited.

As you recall, I'm a 15-yr old guy, kinda small...about 5'2", 115 lbs. I have a friend, (Mike)...he's 15 as well, but pretty big. His 13-yr old sister (Sandy) is really pretty and sexy for a 13 yr old. She's bigger than me, about 5'8" and 135 lbs. She's very athletic, plays on the middle school volleyball team. She has strong arms and very muscular legs. Like I said, she's very sexy too......she has very large breasts (about grapefruit size). She usually wears a Speedo type suit at the pool, so you can see all her curves.

Anyhow, although Sandy and I went to the pool pretty often, it just seemed like we were there at different times, so nothing else happened for about 10 days. Then one day, she was there with her 13-yr old friends and I was there with Mike. For awhile we were just doing stuff separately from each other. Then her friends started splashing Mike, and he started splashing back. Her friends, although a couple years younger than Mike and I, are also pretty. One was my height, and the other was about 5’5”. I have to admit they were really cute, even though they were younger than me. They had really colorful bikinis that showed off their tanned, toned bodies. They were flirting and fooling around with Mike, and he enjoyed the attention.

Then we all started dunking each other. They would gang up on Mike, and he would fight them off and dunk them. I was also able to hold my own against Sandy’s friends, me dunking them and them dunking me. We were having fun, and I forgot about my last run-in with Sandy. Then Sandy started focusing on me. With her height, weight and strength, she was easily able to dunk me. However, I was not able to get her underwater for the life of me. She’d push me down and hold me under, flip me in a somersault and once even flipped me over her shoulder. I couldn’t stop her.

Since the other girls were mostly with Mike, and Sandy had no interest in fooling with her brother, she continued to dunk me for about 10 minutes. Then she got tired of dunking me, and got me in a bearhug, with her arms completely around my arms and body. I couldn’t move and she kinda wrestled me back and forth. I could sense the tingle starting in my suit as she did this. Then she switched from using both arms and tucked me under one arm, with her arm around my stomach and arms. I still couldn’t move, and she had me in a horizontal position on her hip. She was carrying me again!

This time, though she was carrying me like a carpet roll. Fortunately, although it was embarrassing, I wasn’t getting turned on in this position. She carried me like this for a couple minutes. She was teasing me again, asking how a younger girl could control an older boy with one hand, and how she could easily hold me. She used her other hand to try and tickle my armpits, but with my both my arms firmly locked under her one arm, she didn’t have much success. She then tried to turn me around….and I was able to get away.

Then it happened.

I was starting to swim away and she reached out to grab me. She got hold of my swim suit and yanked it down over my butt! Seeing my tiny white butt, she burst out laughing. I immediately stopped swimming, so I could pull it back up. However, she held on to my suit and grabbed my arm with her other hand. She then took a couple swats at my bare butt!

There was lots of splashing and laughing. Me splashing trying to get away; her laughing as she swatted at me. A couple landed on me; fortunately, because of the water they didn’t hurt. But she was yelling at her other friends to come over and take a swat as well. She was telling them that I was a bad little boy and needed to be spanked, and was laughing at my inability to get away.

Then something even worse happened! My swim trunks ripped and were torn away. She had them in her hand and I was naked trying to get away. I guess she was as shocked as I was, because she let go of my arm. I then tried to get a hold of my suit, but then it was like déjà vu all over again. She merely held them up high, out of my reach. I didn’t want to jump too high because I didn’t want to expose anything.

By now, the other girls had abandoned Mike and came over by Sandy. They then started tossing my suit amongst the three of them. I was so embarrassed – I couldn’t really swim or jump to get my suit, but was trying my best to get it and couldn’t. All the girls were laughing and teasing at me. Then they all started to close in on me. I was surrounded by three 13-yr old girls and I had no swim suit. All I could do now was just cover my privates with my hand, as they jumped around and were pinching and grabbing my butt.

Finally, Mike swam over and got my suit away from Sandy, and chased her friends away. He yelled at Sandy and told her that she was going to be in trouble. Sandy said, “What? Are you going to tell his mommy that a younger girl took his suit and spanked his butt?”

While they were arguing, I looked at my suit. It was completely torn and I couldn’t wear it. Other than a t-shirt, I didn’t have any other clothes at the pool, and I normally didn’t have a towel, since it usually was so hot that I could dry off without it. How was I going to get home with no clothes?

I heard the end of Mike and Sandy’s argument. She said, “It’s my fault that his suit is torn and I’ll take care of it.” Mike told her that she’d better come up with something.

She then started coming at me, fast. I couldn’t get away, and she caught up with me. “There you go” she said, as she scooped my up in her arms. Now I was on her hips again, just like I was the last time; face to face, my legs around her waist, and her hands holding my butt. Only this time, I was completely naked! She looked down at me, and said “Now what are you going to do? You know you can’t get away. And, I don’t feel anything down there….does the cold water shrink up my little baby’s jewels?” Slightly bouncing me again (just like last time), she started giggling and tightly squeezed me to her body.

Once again, just like last time, Sandy started carrying me towards the end of the pool. And, with her only taking about 3 steps, I was hard as a rock once again, and powerless to get out of her arms. The other girls starting coming with her, and I was just dreading what was going to happen. Sandy told the other girls to go away, that she would take care of me. In the meanwhile, she was gently stroking my butt crack and getting awfully near my stuff.

This time as we got out of the pool, there was no lifeguard to intercept us. He was busy with something else at the other end of the pool.

Without any effort, Sandy quickly went up the pool steps and carried me into the girl’s locker room. There didn’t seem to be any other girls there (Thank goodness!). She stopped and then with a beautiful smile, said “Ok, little one, how are we going to get you home?! Are you embarrassed? You shouldn’t be. I’ve babysat lots of little boys and know how to take care of you. You’re no bigger than the Andersen twins (who are 11) and I watch them all the time.”

She then brightened up, and said, “I know what to do! We’ll get something to cover you up.” Still holding me, now with only one hand (and bouncing and swaying like a mom does with a baby), she opened up her locker and took out her pink Breast-cancer t-shirt. I thought that maybe she’d let me borrow it and thought that maybe it might be long enough to cover everything. She must have thought the same thing, because she put me down on my feet and with one hand lifted my two hands over my head.

There I was….standing naked in the girls locker room, with this towering younger girl holding up both my wrists with one hand, and the t-shirt in the other hand…..looking me up and down. I was still pretty hard, but she looked at it and giggled “What a cute little thing. You still have some growing up to do!” I was dying. I know that I was kinda small compared to other 15-yr olds, but wasn’t sure how I measured up in the downstairs department. All I know is that while I was rock hard, she was giggling at me…..and I couldn’t cover it up, turn away or do anything else.

She helped me put the t-shirt on and while still holding my one hand up in the air, told me to turn around. She slowly had me turn, like a little ballerina girl, to see if the shirt covered everything. After a second, she said “It almost works, but I can still see that cute butt of yours. We need to do something else to cover it up.” She was definitely in control, and I was helpless with shame.

She then took the shirt off and said, “I like this shirt. It’s tight on me, and while it’s loose on you, it’s just not quite long enough”. Then, she said the words that almost made me pass out……”I know what, we’ll just fold it up like a diaper!”

I was almost in tears at this point. I was a 15-yr old boy, normal in almost every other way, except in size, and this 13-yr old blonde bombshell was completely dominating and humiliating me in every way. With my wrist still in her hand, she dragged (led) me over to the bench in the locker room and told me to lie down on the bench. With as much strength as I could muster, I told her no and tried to stiffen up. She scowled at me, and said “If you don’t do as I say, I’ll take you over my knee and spank you good!” I knew she could, so I laid down on the bench, on my back, completely exposed to her.

At this point, the cool locker room air and the total embarrassment had caused me to shrink up completely. She looked at me and said, “Wow! It’s almost completely gone. Even the Andersen twins have more than that!”

I didn’t know how much worse it could get. Now this younger girl was comparing me to the 11-yr twins that she babysits, and I didn’t measure up. When she tells all her other friends about this, they’ll all know and talk about me at school. Thing is, she and her friends were in middle-school, and I was a sophomore in high school. I don’t know whether it was better to not know what they were saying, or worse that all these younger girls would laugh at me.

Still eyeing my stuff, she said, “Now when I diaper little boys I usually put powder and cream on, but I don’t have any so we’ll just have to do without.” She gently lifted my butt up and put her pink breast-cancer t-shirt under my butt. She took her finger and gently wiggled my sac and p-, and said “We’ll cover these up so nobody else sees them except me!” She then took the tail of the t-shirt and the short sleeves and tied up some bulky knots. It didn’t look like diapers that I have seen, but it did cover everything up, just as she said it would.

She then had me stand on the bench, and turn slowly around…once again like a little ballerina. “It’ll do”, she said, “but it’s still a bit loose”. She patted my butt, gently patted my front, and slipper her fingers in between the t-shirt and my skin. Gently circling my waist, she ran her hands around the top of the t-shirt (I refuse to admit it was a diaper!). While doing this, her cheek was against my chest, and her chest (with softball size breasts) was pressed against my stomach and pelvic area. Sure enough, it started to energize my thing.

She said, “We can’t have you walking home in that. It’s too loose and if it falls off, your little dingy will show”. And with that she pushed her finger in the front of the (diaper). “Oooooh”, she said, “It may be little, but it seems easy to turn on and off!”

She then put her shorts and sandals on, and then (much to my great relief), wrapped me in her pool towel. “I don’t want everyone to see you in this condition” she said, “so we’ll cover you up a bit”. (I wasn’t sure if she was talking about my thing pointing straight out, or that my privates were covered in a pink t-shirt that looked like a diaper….but I was terrified that others would see me being carried home by Sandy.) I tried to tell her that I could walk home with her towel, and get it back to her…..but she said “No, I accidently tore your swimsuit when I pulled it off, so I need to make sure your mother knows that I’m responsible for replacing it”. Her face really brightened up as she said, “Hey, maybe I can take you shopping to help you get a new one!”

With that, she scooped me up around her waist, had me put my hands around her neck, and gently nestled me against her front again. On the one hand, I was still really embarrassed, but on the other hand, this was a really comfortable position. She gave me a big hug and then said, “Let’s get you home”.

With that, she let me down. We got my sandals and we walked out the locker-room, past the check-in desk (fortunately nobody was there?), and we walked the couple blocks to my house. She was holding my one hand, so that I could use the other to hold up my towel.

I was so relieved that she wasn’t carrying me. We almost looked like a couple on a walk. Some people saw us, but I didn’t recognize anybody that I knew. On the way home, Sandy commented again on how I was so easy to carry and control, and that how cute I was….even though I was “tiny”, and that she’d keep our little episodes private. I guess I felt a little relieved about that, but still embarrassed about the whole thing.

As we got closer to home, I was glad that nobody I knew had seen us. I thought my embarrassment was almost ever, as we got to the front porch of my house. I started to tell Sandy that I’d return her t-shirt and towel, but much to my shock she scooped me up again and carried me up the steps to my front porch. I can’t believe how she didn’t show any effort.

She said, “We need to tell your mommy what happened. Is she home?” I knew she would be, but I lied and said that she was out shopping. Sandy said, “Are you sure? Because if she’s not home, I’m going to carry you inside and make sure you get proper clothes on. I’m not just going to leave you here like a little homeless guy. Let’s ring the doorbell and see?”

She rang the doorbell, and while we were waiting, she continued to bounce, sway and giggle. She obviously enjoyed teasing me, humiliating me, and talking down to me. I was still so embarrassed and didn’t think it could get worse.

My mother answered the door, and looked at us with a weird smile and asked what was going on, Sandy said, “Are you Danny’s mommy? We had a problem at the pool that you need to know.” With that, my mom opened the door and said, “Well, come on in and let’s hear about it”.

With that I knew that it was going to get worse. I just didn’t know how much it was going to be.

But that’s another experience to share later!

Posted in BOYS AND GIRLS: Who is stronger on 2010-03-08 17:07:47

I've had an experience that was pretty humiliating. I'm a 15yr old guy, kinda small...about 5'2", 115 lbs. There's a big pool in our development, and I go there all the time.

One time I went with a friend (Mike)...he's 15 as well, but pretty big. His 13 yr old sister was at the pool too, with a couple of her friends. His sister (Sandy) is really pretty and sexy for a 13 yr old. She's bigger than me, about 5'8" and 135 lbs. She's very athletic, plays on the middle school volleyball team. She has strong arms and very muscular legs. Like I said, she's very sexy too......she has very large breasts (about grapefruit size). She was wearing a Speedo type suit, so you could see all her curves.

She and her friends were playing keep away with a ball....and challenged me and her brother to play as well. It was 4 of them, and the two of us. We got another younger boy to play on our side as well.

Her friends mostly played close to Mike, since he was bigger and better looking than me....so I usually had to guard Sandy. But every time the other girls threw the ball to her, she usually just held it up high and I couldn't get it. If Mike or the other kid threw the ball to me, she could either intercept it or wrestle it away from me.

One time they threw the ball to her, and I climbed up on her back to try to get it. I wrapped my legs around her waist and tried to grab the ball, but she still had it out of my reach. After a while of her teasing me.....holding it to where I could almost get it, and then yanking it out of reach....she finally passed the ball to another girl.

She then put her hands on my legs and then kind of half-twisted me so that I was resting on her hip. I tried to get down, but she wouldn't let me go. She then put her hand under my butt, and reached the other across to my waist and then bounced me around a bit. She was carrying me like a mom carries a baby!

I tried to get down, but couldn't. I didn't struggle too much, because I didn't want to draw attention to the fact that I couldn't get down. She then started teasing me a bit, calling me her little boy and continuing to bounce me around. A couple times the other girls would throw her the ball, and she would catch it one handed....hold it out of my reach....and then pass it away.

I was now getting embarrassed that she could control me....so I started trying more and more to get away. By now, the other girls could see that I was trapped in Sandy's arms and started to yell comments at her.

By now, Sandy was carrying me on her hip all around the pool. Mike told his sister to put me down, but she just yelled back at him. The up and down motion on her hip started to get me hard and I tried to push away. I accidently pushed on one of her breasts.....it felt really firm. She told me that I shouldn't grab her, and that I was a naughty little boy. She told me if I grabbed her again, that she would spank me. I didn't want this to happen, so I made sure that I kept my hands away.

After a few more minutes, she shifted me a bit, so that now my front was facing her. Still with my legs around her waist, her hands under my butt....but now my $%!@ was against her stomach, and she had me in a bearhug position, so her chest was tightly against mine. Still bouncing me....so my $%!@ was really getting hard. She noticed it and was teasing me about how a younger girl was carrying an older boy and getting him turned on. She tickled me a bit, pinched my butt, and started feeling up my crack. At this point, I was rock hard, but couldn't do anything about it.

Sandy then told the others that we had to get out of the pool for a bit....she whispered in my ear that I was getting too excited and hot, and that I needed a cold shower.....so she was going to carry me into the girl’s locker room and give me one.

As much as I tried, I couldn't get away. I was humiliated letting this younger girl control me....but on the other hand, I was excited...big time. She actually carried me to the end of the pool, at the shallow end and carried me up the stairs. Just as she was ready to carry me into the girl’s locker room, the Lifeguard yelled at her and told her to put me down. She started to argue with him (still carrying and bouncing me), but the Lifeguard told her he'd kick her out of the pool if she didn’t put me down right away.

So Sandy slowly let me slide down (making sure my $%!@ had contact all the way down) until my feet were finally on the ground. She continued her bear hug for a bit longer and then let me go...saying "There you go, sweety. Be careful". I wasn't sure if she was talking about how hard and excited I was, but I immediately ran into the boy’s locker room to get away from her. I was confused on how she could control me, but I sure liked the feeling.

I left the pool without seeing her again....but a couple days later she and I were at the pool at the same time and she took me further along in a similar adventure...

But that’s a story for another day!

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Part 4 After a long day at school, I finally got home. They must have fixed the school bus that broke down earlier that day, because Sandy and her friends didn’t ride home from school with us. Thank goodness! I was worried that they would catch up with me to find out what undies I was wearing.

As I was putting my books down and checking the internet, the phone rang. I heard my mom talking in the other room and explaining that it would be no problem. After talking for a few minutes, she got off the phone and came into my room. She explained that it was Mike and Sandy’s mom on the phone. Mike had an away game that evening in a town couple hours away. His folks wanted to go watch him, but they didn’t want to drive home…so they were going to stay overnight. However, Sandy had a volleyball game very early the next morning. They would have to get up before dawn to get Sandy home from Mike’s game. Sandy had then suggested to her Mom that my mom could “babysit” her overnight and get her to the game, so that Mike and his family wouldn’t have to come home so early. Only problem was that my mom worked 2nd shift, so that she would be at work from about 5PM to midnight. Apparently Sandy’s mom said she thought I was “responsible and caring” so it wouldn’t be a problem for ME to watch Sandy. She would even pay me for watching her. My mom agreed that it would fine, and said that Sandy would be over within the next couple minutes.

Yikes! I tried to argue that it wouldn’t work, but my mom thought it would be perfectly fine. She had me help her get dinner ready, and Sandy soon arrived. She acted perfectly normal in front of my mom and me. We watched TV for a bit while dinner was getting done. When my mom called us over for dinner, we sat around the table and just talked about regular stuff. Sandy mentioned that her schoolbus broke down and that she got a ride on my bus….she didn’t say anything about my lapsitting adventure. Afterwards, we cleaned up and went back to watching TV…..just like a couple of normal teenagers. Maybe this won’t be so bad?

Wrong! My mom leaves for work and (like a mom) tells us to behave. She said she’ll be home by midnight.

Within 10 minutes of my mom leaving, Sandy starts teases me about me “babysitting” her. She comments about how she’s bigger than me, and that she often babysits other kids; even the Anderson twins who are 11. She says she doesn’t need anyone to watch her; that she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She says the only reason she is over here is that her mom worried about leaving her alone overnight; something that they’ve never done before. Sandy suggested my mom watch her, and her mom only allowed her to come over because I was “older”.

Sandy said that I was so small that I couldn’t protect her against anybody.

“You can’t even stop me from tickling you, much less stopping anybody from hurting or robbing you” Sandy said.

“I can too!” I said back. “I can take care of myself”.

With that, Sandy giggled and started to come after me. “Ok”, she said, “here comes the tickle machine.”

I got up off the couch to get out of her reach. She quickly got up and grabbed my arm.

“Stop that” I yelled. “Leave me alone…..”

“…..or what?” Sandy replied. “You going to tell your mom on me….that I tickled you? Or what, are you going to be the mean older babysitter and spank me?” As I continued to struggle to get out of her grasp, she said “Yea, right. Try to spank me! You wouldn’t know how. Here, I’ll tell you what….I’ll let you spank me to get it out of the way”.

With that, she pulled me back to the couch and made me sit down. She then laid over my legs, with her arms and head over one side and her legs hanging down over the other side. Her butt was there, in perfect position for a spanking.

I hesitated; didn’t know what to do. I knew if I really lit into her, that payback would be hell. She was bigger than me, and I knew that she could easily turn the table on me.

And that’s exactly what she did. My hesitation told her all she needed to do.

“What? You don’t know how to spank somebody?” she said. “I bet you never have…and I bet you’re such a goody two shoes that nobody has had to spank you! So, I’ll show you how it’s done!”

With that, she jumped up, grabbed me by my arms and shoulders, and in two seconds had me over her lap in a perfect reversal. I try to wiggle away, but she holds me across the back with one hand and gives me a decent swat with the other. “Hold still or you’ll really get it”, she says.

“Rule #1”, she says “is that you can’t properly spank somebody while they are wearing pants. So let’s get these pants off….”

With that, she boy- handles me off her lap and into a standing position in front of her. She’s sitting on the couch, and I’m standing facing her. I can’t believe how quickly and easily she can move me around. It’s one thing for her to manipulate me in the water, but here on dry ground she is just yanking me around like a rag doll without any obvious effort. I start to get embarrassed and pull away. She lets go with one hand, but it doesn’t help….she just grabs both of my wrists with the other hand.

“Here,” she says, “lets get these shorts off”. And with that, she starts to unbutton my shorts waist and pull the zipper down.

OH, NO! I suddenly realize that I never did change out my undies. I had told her and Betsy on the bus that I always wear Boxer shorts, even when I knew that today I didn’t (because my mom had washed, but not yet dried all my underwear last night). I knew that I picked up an old pair of tighties out of my drawer that morning, but didn’t remember what color or what kind they were.

“Yea, let’s get these shorts off and see what you have on under here. You said this morning that you wear boxers, but we didn’t quite believe you “she said, “Let’s see what we have now…..”

And then there I was. Moment of truth. Without any ability on my part to resist her actions, this 13-year old girl had singlehandedly dropped my shorts to my ankles and was checking out my undies. Holding my two wrists in one hand, and with her face less than a foot away from my body, she saw……

“SPIDERMAN undies!” she shrieked. “You have little boy Spidy tighties on! Awww….isn’t that precious! How cute!”

Yep, now I realize that the dark pair of underwear I grabbed out of the drawer this morning was my old (3years old?) Spiderman underwear that Mom had given me for Christmas as a joke. Well, some joke….only one laughing now was Sandy! Here I am, 15 years old standing in a t-shirt and Spiderman undies in front of this 13-yr old girl. I’m embarrassed almost to the point of tears, and she’s laughing her $%!@ off at me. I can’t believe this is happening to me! Why is it that I keep getting in these compromising situations with Sandy? First, having her carry me around in the pool on her hip; then having her accidently tear my swimsuit off and dressing me up in a makeshift diaper to get me home from the pool. Then, this morning, having her and Betsy sitting me on her lap and trying to check out my underwear. Well, now she knows……lets get it over with.

It gets worse. As she leans forward laughing, her head and shoulders brush against my stomach, and cause me to lose my balance. With my shorts around my ankles, and both my wrists held by Sandy’s one hand, I start to topple over. I fall backwards onto my butt, toppling and twisting so that I fall on the floor between her legs. I end up with her sitting on the couch, and me on the floor between her legs, with her still holding my hands over my head.

Still laughing, and from a seated position, she pulls my arms up and drags me back over her lap; leaving my shorts on the floor. Thankfully, my underwear stays on….but now I’m in the perfect spanking position (again!) with my body over her lap and my butt ready in perfect position.

She gives me a couple whacks. They don’t hurt, but they do show that she easily controls me. Still with one arm holding my body down, she rests her other hand on my butt and caresses it….like she’s brushing crumbs off a table. She takes her finger and traces the outline of Spiderman on my butt.

Then she slams her hand on my butt once again, giggling and exclaiming “Oh, this is too cute! We need to get Betsy over here to see this.”

She rolls me off her lap on to the couch and goes to get her phone. She brings her phone over to the couch and starts to talk to Betsy. I’m not sure what to do, so I sit still. Sandy giggles, telling Betsy how cute my butt looks in Spiderman undies, and tells her to come over. She holds the phone and then tells me to go get a couple soda’s for us. I try to think of my escape, but Sandy tells me not to get any ideas….just get the sodas and bring them back.

So we sit on the couch, waiting for Betsy. Sandy’s attention is focused on a Wii game, and I just sit at the end of the couch. She’s jumping up and down and maneuvering the Wii controller. I have to admit; she is cute and lively, and is pretty good looking. Even at 13 she is much bigger and better looking than girls my age. I try hard not to look at her boobs, her arms and her hair as she plays with the Wii…..so I just sit there at the end of the couch with my hands in my lap.

After about 15 minutes, Betsy comes over and rings the doorbell. Sandy jumps up, throws the Wii controller over to me and tells me to finish her game. She lets Betsy in and then they go in the kitchen. I hear them laughing and giggling while they get Betsy a soda.

Then they both come over and Sandy pulls me up off the couch. Now I’m standing between her and Betsy. Betsy is also 13 and in Middle School with Sandy. Earlier in the morning, on the school bus, she had adjusted my shorts while I was sitting on Sandy’s lap. At the time, she didn’t think that I had boxers on, and (at Sandy’s direction) had tried to pull my zipper down to check it out. Fortunately, the bus arrived at school before she could get my zipper down, but both she and Sandy had threatened to see what I had on.

And now here they were…..standing beside me, checking it out. I have on a t-shirt and my Spiderman undies; they don’t have much more on…..with just spaghetti strap t-shirts and shorts, but I feel almost naked.

I start to complain and tell them to leave me alone and let me go. I tell Sandy that she shouldn’t have Betsy over, that it’s my house and I don’t want her there. I tell her that it’s not right to treat me like this. I tell her that I am the sitter; her mom had her come over here, and my mom left me in charge and that she needs to listen to me.

All this does is get Sandy and Betsy wound up.

“Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you’re in charge” Sandy said. “You’re not the babysitter; I am. Betsy and I babysit all the time. I bet you’ve never had to babysit anyone. We even babysit the twin Anderson boys. They’re 11 years old; they’re younger than you, but almost as big.”

Sandy continued, “Look, little boys don’t sit big girls; it’s the other way around….big girls babysit little boys”.

I yelled out, “I’m not little!”

Sandy and Betsy are now both laughing hysterically. “Look at you”, Betsy said, “Compare yourself with us! Here, take off your t-shirt!”

Before I could react, Betsy reached down and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and in one swift motion, yanked it off my head. I’m standing there now with nothing on but my undies. This isn’t good…..

“Now, let’s compare” said Betsy. “Look at you and then look at us! You’re not as tall as us; you’re not as big as us.” She was right. As mentioned before, Sandy is about 5’8” and about 135 lbs. Betsy is a little taller than me (I’m 5’2 and 115 lbs); she’s about 5’5”. I don’t know how much she weighs, but she certainly looks bigger than me.

“Now look at your arms and your legs….look how skinny they are!” With that Betsy grabbed my arm and squeezed it. She was pretty strong, and I yelped.

Then she grabbed my stomach and squeezed it. I was surprised by the move and doubled over. Although I grabbed her arm, she didn’t let go of my stomach. “Look” she said “at how soft your tummy is. Look at ours!”

With this, she and Sandy lifted up the bottom of their t-shirts. You could see that Betsy certainly had a 6-pack; she was really tight. Sandy had more bulk, so I couldn’t see her abs, but you could tell that she was firm and tight as well. Betsy continued on, “….and look at your legs. Ours are almost as twice as big as yours!”

With that, Betsy quickly turned and got me in a bearhug, lifted me up and carried me around the room. “See”, she said, “you’re just a lightweight”. I was tightly in her grip and couldn’t say anything. Her arms were very tight, and I was pressed up against her chest with my legs dangling helplessly as she carried me around the room. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. She wasn’t as big up top as Sandy (Sandy had almost softball size breasts) but they sure were firm. If Betsy was 15 and we were making it out, it would be fun….but she was only 13 and definitely in control.

She then put me down, between her and Sandy again.

Then she said, “See, we are bigger and stronger than you are. You’re 15 but you still have some growing to do. We may be younger, but we’re more mature.” Then Betsy surprised me. She reached down and gently rubbed my crotch. Then she took me and gently cupped my sack with one hand, and then tweaked the tip of my $%!@ between her thumb and forefinger of her other hand.

“See, you’re still haven’t reached puberty ….you only have a little bump down here. Look at us; we have big bumps!”

With that, she and Sandy both reached up and jiggled their breasts. I couldn’t help but stare; they did look nice. Between Betsy’s bearhug ride, her tweaking of my joint, and watching them emphasize their breasts….I started feeling some tingling down there.

“So, just knock it off” Sandy said. “Just admit that we’re bigger, badder and in charge. When you grow up some more, we might let you be in charge…but not yet. Let’s have some fun!”

With that, Sandy throws me down on the floor. She starts tickling me and wrestling around. Betsy reaches in and tickles as well….I have lots of exposed skin, so they are tickling stomach, under my arms, my sides….now I’m on my back and Betsy is sitting on my chest, tickling my ribs and arms.

The house phone rings. After a couple rings, I hear my mom on the message machine. While Betsy remains on my chest, Sandy gets up and answers it. I can hear her telling my mom that we’re doing fine, no problems, everything ok and that I’m doing a great job “babysitting” Sandy. She says that I’m in the bathroom, so not able to take the call.

After Sandy hangs up, she tells me that my mom might have to work later than expected and she might be home late. She tells me that I’m supposed to make sure we don’t stay up too late and that we should get our PJ’s on and in to bed early, since Sandy has to leave early in the morning for her game.

Sandy tells Betsy to take care of me while she goes to get PJ’s for me. Betsy continues to have a great time, straddling me and tickling everywhere. I probably could throw her off, but at least in this position she doesn’t see my tighties underwear….and when she bends over to tickle me, I can kind of peek down her t-shirt. She is pretty cute, and part of me doesn’t mind the physical contact.

After a bit, Sandy comes in. She has found the pink Breast Cancer t-shirt, and has put it on for her PJ’s. I recall that it loosely hung on me a couple weeks ago, but it fits very tightly on her. It is stretched across her chest and accentuates what she has. She looks terrific….and doesn’t look at all, like she is only 13. She still has her bra on, but she did take off her shorts and only has on skimpy, lacy white panties. It wasn’t a thong, although the combination of the tight pink t-shirt and tiny white panties made her look like a vision from heaven. Sandy says she found a pair of long flannel PJ pants for me, so says “Here, come on…..get your PJ’s on too”.

With that, Sandy sits on the couch, and Betsy half lifts me up off the floor and drags me over to Sandy. Sandy pulls me onto her lap, in her second favorite lapsitting position….with her legs together, me on her lap with my back to her chest and my legs spread apart over hers. Betsy kind of kneels in front of us and they tickle me a bit more.

At this point, the circumstances got the best of me. I’m sitting on Sandy’s lap, only in my tighties. The warmth and smoothness of her bare legs feels great on my legs. Her breast poking me in the back are wonderful…..full of strength, but soft as pillows. She’s got her arms wrapped around me. Betsy is kneeling in front of me, tickling me, but looking really cute. I was a little turned on previously when Betsy bearhugged me and carried me around the room; now the turn on was starting in full force. I could feel the familiar growing sensation take hold…..

Betsy’s face is just above my crotch level. As she reaches across to tickle my chest, her forearm grazes the bulge in my tighties.

“Ooo…” she yells. “He peed in his undies”. She rubs her finger on my pecker, and I realize that it’s not pee, but I have started to “leak”. “It’s yucky…” she says. Sandy looks over my shoulder and says, “Well, we certainly can’t put clean PJ’s on you. We need to get you cleaned up first.”

She looks at Betsy and they both smile…..”You need a bath.”

Betsy exclaims, “We give the Anderson twins baths all the time. We’re good at it!” With that she gets up and heads towards the bathroom, “I’ll start the water”.

I start to really get nervous now. I start to try to get up off Sandy’s lap, while telling her “I don’t take baths….I take showers. I can do it myself, leave me alone! I’m old enough to shower and clean myself!”

All the while I was struggling to get away, Sandy just simply dragged me to the bathroom, where Betsy already had the water running.

Sandy gently and quietly says, “That’s enough. We already told you that being older doesn’t matter. You’re just not as mature as us”.

With that, Betsy holds my arms from behind, as Sandy places her fingers and thumbs on the waistband of my undies. She kneels in front and slowly, gently pulls my undies down to the floor.

“Out” she says.

With that simple word, I realize I’m no different than a kid to her. I don’t have any control, and realize that she’s right….older doesn’t matter. I step out of my undies in front of her.

As I stand naked in front of her, she says “See, look how little you are….you don’t hardly have any pubic hair! I said it before, but you still have some growing to do before you become a big boy”.

Betsy comes around in front of me. Sandy had briefly seen me naked before in the girls locker room at the pool, but this is the first time Betsy has seen me without anything.

“Oh, how so cute it is!” she exclaims. “It’s such a darling little thing; just like a little nut”. Obviously, by now, all my previous arousal has completed disappeared. The exposure, the cold, the embarrassment has completely shrunk me to almost nothing. I was so ashamed to be the naked focus point of these 2 13-year old girls. “You’re about like the Anderson twins” Betsy says. “They are just starting puberty!” Remember, now, the Anderson twins are 11….they should be starting puberty…..I’m 15 and I’m well into it….I can’t believe they are comparing me to these younger boys. I turn deep red….

Sandy comments that I’m probably getting cold. With one swift, easy motion, she grabs me under my shoulderpits, easily lifts me up and swings me into the tub. I quickly sit down to try to cover up. Both girls giggle and laugh at me. Betsy gets a washcloth, soaps it up and starts to wash my face and then works her way down to my shoulders. Sandy gets the shampoo and starts on my hair. Both of them are giggling, and splashing me with water. They use the hand held shower to rinse the shampoo out. As they continue to rinse off the top part of my body, I notice Sandy’s t-shirt gets wet. Now the size and shape of her breast are more noticeable. Even though they are still held in her bra, they are magnificent.

Sandy notices that I’m looking at her chest. “See,” she says. “You can see I’ve reached puberty. I know how to take care of little boys!” She tells Betsy to finish my bath, while she goes to get a dry shirt to put on.

Betsy tells me to stand up. I refuse at first, then Betsy says “I know you don’t want me to finish bathing you, but you’re dirty down there and you can’t come out until your little boy parts are squeaky clean. Now stand up, or I’ll have to get tough with you.”

I know that I can probably hold out for a bit, but realize that I might as well get it over with. I stand up.

Betsy soaps up the washcloth and with great care, and gentle interest, soaps me up front and back, waist to ankles. The washcloth, warm water and soap feel terrific. I think I would have gotten too excited if she had just used her hands, but she was very gentle and efficiently washed everything. I was thinking that under any other circumstances, having my nuts gently caressed by a cute girl would be something every teenage boy dreams of….but in this case; I wanted her to quickly finish up. I’m also thinking that the Anderson twins were lucky, if they got baths like this…!

Betsy had me stand in the tub while she rinsed me off. She was singing “Rubber ducky, I love you. Rubber ducky, do you love me too?” It was a soothing, catchy little tune…but it further reinforced that these girls were future mommies, and that they would always have control over their little boys.

Betsy held my hand, and with her other hand on my waist, gently helped me out of the tub. She grabbed a towel and sat on the toilet seat and pulled me in close to her. Then she took the towel, and with great care, and continued gentleness, dried me off. Between the bath and the towel dry, Betsy had explored all the contours, cracks and crevices of my naked body….but without touching me directly. Therefore, it was more of a comforting feeling than a sexual turn on. I have to admit, I felt clean, warm and very comfortable. It must have been the casual, “babysitting” mode that Betsy conveyed….but although here I was a naked 15 yr boy getting bathed and dried by a fully clothed 13 yr old girl, and following her every command…..I didn’t feel as embarrassed as I had earlier.

Just as we were getting done, Sandy came back into the bathroom. She had taken off her pink Breast cancer t-shirt and had put on a larger long-sleeve shirt.

“I tried to find something in your room that fit, but everything you have is way too small, so I looked in your Mom’s closet. All her stuff was a little tight, but I found this shirt hanging up. It must have been your father’s, cuz it’s bigger and fits better.” My dad left us when I was much younger, so it must have been a shirt hidden in the closet that Sandy had found.

I did notice that she had rolled the sleeves up and the top couple buttons were left opened. But the shirt was just tight enough, and the gentle swaying motion under it, that I realized that Sandy had also taken off her bra and had only her undies on underneath that shirt. There was nothing but pure female flesh under my dad’s shirt.

Sandy then got my flannel PJ pants, and just as easily as she had pulled my undies down and off my feet, she held the pants so that I could step in them. Again, she was kneeling in front of me, holding the waist band of the pants open. I put my hand on her shoulder to balance myself, and as I glanced down her shirt, I saw plenty of booby cleavage.

It was getting a bit late, so Betsy said she had to go home…big game tomorrow. She gave me another bearhug, a gentle kiss on the lips, put me down, rubbed my head, and gave me a casual pat on the butt, finished off by a firm grip of my butt cheek.

“Be a good boy for Sandy” she says. “Maybe you can babysit me some night!” With a giggle and a quick hug with Sandy, she leaves the house.

Sandy says that she and Betsy are good friends and help each other out.

“But I didn’t know that she had a crush on you….she thinks you are so cute and adorable!”Sandy teases me.

“I can’t believe that she was even able to lift you up and carry you around” Sandy continued. “You are cute, adorable and so much fun to play with!”

Sandy lifts me up on her hip, has me straddle her front, with her hands under my butt and my arms around her neck. She carries me to the kitchen to make popcorn, and as the microwave ticks away, she gently sways and slowly dances me around the kitchen as she cleans up loose things.

I can feel her loose breasts against my chest. They are firm, warm and feel wonderful. My brain realizes that my chest is feeling her breasts, my crotch is against her firm, muscular stomach, and her hands are fully cupping my butt. It sends all the signals to my crotch that this is “turn-on” time.

With a bowl of popcorn in one hand, and my butt in the other, she carries me to couch. She sits down and swings me sideways, so that I’m sitting on her lap. She’s cradling my shoulders with one hand, and has the other across my legs. I’m nestled up against her arm, with my arm pressed against her chest. She’s cuddling with me on her lap, gently picking up popcorn. Although the popcorn bowl is in my lap, it doesn’t stop my $%!@ from growing. It is all exciting to me!

She drops a popcorn kernel and it falls inside her shirt. She reaches her hand in and searches for it. Meanwhile I catch glimpses of cleavage. She can’t find it from the top, so she diverts to look for it from under the bottom of her shirt. As she moves her hand down and under the bowl to get to her shirt, she brushes against my $%!@.

“What is this?” she asks. Sandy moves the popcorn bowl and notices the tent in my PJ’s. She starts to rub up and down. It feels great!

“Does my little boy like sitting with the big girl? It’s nice and warm and comfy, isn’t it?” she murmurs. She keeps rubbing, and then gently lifts my butt up and pulls my PJ’s down, releasing me.

“It’s growing” she says “maybe you are more mature than I thought!”. She keeps the motion going, and then hugs me and starts kissing me gently…on the lips, on the eyes, nibbles on my ear. She cups my nuts, and uses her thumb on the top of my member. All these actions send me into DefCon 4. I am ready to burst!

Then, while hugging me, pulling me in closer to her chest, she reaches the hand on my shoulder down to my nipple and tweaks it. The first tweak surprises me! The second tweak sends the immediate blastoff message to my crotch.

Within 30 seconds of her starting on my crotch, I lose all control. I explode!!

Sandy giggles and says I’ve made another mess. She stands me up between her legs, reaches to the side table for some tissues and gently wipes me off.

Now that the physical release has happened, the mental release catches up. I start to cry….I have mixed emotions…..it was a wonderful $%!@, but it was given to me by a younger girl…not by my choice, but hers. The whole day had been an emotional trip….with everything demonstrating that I was small, helpless and at the mercy of the giggling younger girls. I didn’t feel 15 anymore….and tears rolled down my cheek.

Sandy tries to soothe my emotions. She gently finishes cleaning me and pats my butt. She pulls me back on her lap, holds me, rocks me. I’m still naked, but she gently talks to me, “Its ok, shhhh….it’s ok….It’ just natural that big girls take care of little boys. I’ll take care of you, don’t worry. I’ll always take care of you! When you get bigger, maybe we can be boyfriend and girlfriend, but until then….you’ll be my little boy and I’ll take care of you”.

After awhile, I stopped crying….and Sandy gave me a gentle kiss on my lips. “Let’s get some new PJ’s on and get you in bed”.

She led me by the hand, she in her undies and my Dad’s shirt….me naked…..to my room. She opened up my dresser drawer, found a pair of PJ shorts and quickly pulls them on me. She doesn’t say anything..no commands….I just know what to do and I do it.

She leads me to my bed, and after I get in, she leans over to kiss me goodnight. I have a full shot of her cleavage; part of my mind goes “Wow”, but the rest of me just wants to go to sleep. She sees me looking down her shirt, giggles and says “Maybe when you’re bigger!” She tucks the covers around me, kisses me goodnight and leaves my room. She goes out to the couch for the rest of the night.

I wonder what will happen next…on the one hand, I realize that I am really attracted to this younger Amazon woman-girl, but on the other hand I’m not sure how my life will be if she is always around. In the short period of about 4 weeks, I’ve gone from a relatively normal (although small) 15 yr old to a “little boy” that is at the whim of a 13 yr old younger sister of my friend. In just a few weeks, Sandy has shown the ability to physically dominate me, sexually humiliate me, and is on her way to altering my mental perception of who I am. As these confusing thoughts swirl through my mind…..I fall asleep.

In the morning, my mom wakes us up early and asks how everything went. Sandy tells her that I did a great job watching her and that she’ll recommend me to her Mom for any other future babysitting needs. Mom is pleased that everything turned out ok, and says that Sandy is always welcome back at any time.

While my mom fixes me breakfast, Sandy gives me a hug, lifts me off my feet and tells me that no matter what…I’ll always be her little guy….and she will be gentle in her care of me. She puts her finger on my lips and tells me to keep it between her and me….she knows I’d be too embarrassed to share all this with anyone I know! She winks as she leaves for home.

My life will never be the same.