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Posted in Boys Summer Clothes on 2022-09-22 04:23:09

Looks like I was totally wrong. Glad it's your choice though and not something your parents are making you do.

So I tried looking for boy g string and found things like this https://lostboyunderwear.com/shop/underwear-g-string is that the kind of thing you wear? I didn't really find anything meant for boys more for men although I could probably fit a S size maybe. I haven't really bought my own clothes though so I don't know plus theres no way I could spend $25 on that. Do you know of any physical stores that carry that kind of stuff?

Thanks for helping me out with this!

Posted in Boys Summer Clothes on 2022-09-21 02:08:14

Hey Tyu I just want to check that you are a guy right? If so can you send me a link to what kind of bikini bottoms you wear? I hadn't really considered that as something a guy could wear so I am having trouble picturing it. If it was made for a girl would it be too tight for the balls and $%!@? Is the bikini bottom because you like it or is it a compromise with your parents so that you are wearing something? How comfortable is it?

Also why naked outside after 8pm? That sounds like a parent compromise too but I'm curious how it came to that. I tried getting my parents to accept me being naked but they wouldn't budge so the best I got was shorts only. I have to get my naked time outside the house where they won't know.

Hey Lucas glad to see you are still around. I hope things are going well for you!

Posted in Preteen Sex on 2022-09-20 22:35:14

Yes he was also a special boy and the man was his dad. He also had a little brother in kindergarten that would join in the fun. The mom would also join in sometimes but she was usually the one recording. We did watch the videos together sometimes which was really hot to and they would also use it to help give us pointers. It was very fun and educational!

Posted in Preteen Sex on 2022-09-07 22:32:20

When I was 7 a friend at school introduced me to an adult friend and I got to be that 'special boy'. I learned a great many things about sex and love. It's a time I'll treasure forever and I'm very grateful for it. Even the fact that videos were made of us having sex doesn't bother me. I hope he is still out there enjoying the memories.

Posted in Preteen Sex on 2022-09-06 22:13:00

She was just a year or maybe two older than me. I never knew her age though. Certainly no more that 6 because she wasn't in school. Although it was warm sunny weather, so maybe it was summer.

My family moved away a few years after that. So we did have a lot of good times together but that is all in the past now.