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Posted in unequal nudity. on 2010-07-22 15:04:25

Again none of the males in our group were forced to strip, they wanted to and if they were so harmed by this, why are they doing the same thing in their own families. Almost every family that has joined us we have found both the woman and the males loved it and they start doing it in their own homes. I do agree that when new people are invited to attend an event that we should let them know their will be naked males and only naked males so they will not be shocked to see c0cks. Again, no one is forced to do this and the males after a few moments love to show their stuff, They often strut around like pea c0cks

Posted in CFNM Clothed Female Naked Male (Guys only) on 2010-07-22 14:51:55

I am glad these girls had the chance ot see you naked while they wore suits however, if it had been the males in our CFNM groups, the males would have asked the girls if they would wear more modest suits as they do not like women and girls exposing too much to the males although when the males ask them this, they are stark naked in front of them.

Posted in CFNM in general on 2010-07-22 14:37:22

I love the way they do things in India. There they do not even let males see an infant girl being changed as they know the modesy of females is important but when they change males, they often do it openly and many encourage girls to watch. They also allow adult males to swim in the rivers naked but they would never expose women or girls. MY son never saw a naked woman until he was 18 although our daughters saw hundreds of totally naked males of all ages. None of them complained and in fact my son said he would wait a couple more years until he as married to see a naked woman as he said males should not be seeing them without their cloths on.

Posted in unequal nudity. on 2010-07-22 02:31:40

You are forgetting one thing the MALES love this just as much as we women do. The males in our groups would not allow women to disrobe and if they even show to much clevage the males ask them to cover themsevles up even though they are asking the woman to do this as they stand stark naked in front of her. THEY do not mind...why should you?

Posted in Male or Female on 2010-07-22 01:01:48

Wise choice. I would rather have ten males die than have one woman die and but my husband says it should be 25 males per woman Most males I know are glad when only males die in accidents, they do not want any woman to be killed and I have to totally agree with them.